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Shifts of Focus as We Awaken to Grace in the Regeneration

The heart and soul of one entering into the awakened state of grace:

A. No longer is continually seeking the kingdom without, but has found it within and now seeks to live from the consciousness of it.

  1. In John, the book of grace, Jesus never says for us to seek the kingdom. Instead, when making reference to the kingdom, Jesus uses the words "see" and "enter" (John 3:3, 5).
  2. The way to enter and see is expressed by Jesus in the words, "unless one is born anew" and "unless one is born of water and the Spirit" (John 3:3, 5).
  3. Metaphysically, this means being willing to change our way of thinking at the deepest levels of consciousness. That change can only be brought about by the conscious mind (using affirmations and denials) working in harmony with the superconscious mind. This is seeking to live from the consciousness of the kingdom.

B. No longer seeks God for the reward, but rather seeks to reward God.

  1. You no longer give from the consciousness of even exchange, or holding the thought of return, but give from the nature of your being which is to give because you can't help yourself.
  2. You do not seek any personal reward or glory, but you seek only to glorify God ... to let God be God in you.

C. No longer seeks to be transformed by outer means, but to be transformed through regeneration from within.

  1. This is the stage of awakening to the reality that I of myself can do nothing; it is Christ within me who does all the work.
  2. In this state of consciousness, you know with Jesus, "If I do not wash you, you have no part in me" (John 1 3:8).

D. Seeks above all else the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  1. This is the cleansing, purifying, regenerating process that only the Christ within can administer.
  2. Seeking the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT means to become willing to have all resistance to grace removed. For an in-depth understanding of HOLY SPIRIT baptism, we recommend reading the Holy Spirit Regeneration syllabus.
  3. Your heart and soul crave this baptism as much or more than your original longing to find the kingdom of God; for now you realize that to be able to live from the consciousness of the kingdom, all thought forms in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies must be transformed.

E. Ultimately proclaims Thy will is my will. Thy will be done through me this day.

  1. This state of mind expresses a fully awakened conscious choice to surrender ALL to God.
  2. There is no fear that God's will includes any pain or suffering.
  3. You realize this is the prayer of all prayers. This is the prayer of grace.

PLEASE NOTE: The more healed you become in the deep subjective levels of mind, you will more than likely experience some of the following shifts of energy focus:

  1. You will develop a greater inner sensitivity, making you more intuitive to the feelings and pain of others.
  2. The pain in your own heart will shift from "self"-related to empathy for others.
  3. Your prayer work will become more "others" directed. You will desire to be used as an instrument for healing others and the planet.
  4. The idea of desire will shift from yearning for that which you do not now have to accepting that which is already yours. An accepting consciousness demonstrates instantly without effort.