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Table of Contents

Chapter One — Understanding Grace

  • Grace as Love
  • Grace Is the Nature of Being
  • Grace Functioning as Salvation
  • The Relationship of Law and Grace

Chapter Two — Cooperating With Grace

  • It Begins With Prayer
  • Accepting Prosperity as God's Grace
  • The Gift of Grace
  • Grace and the Creative Process
  • The Creative Process Through Law
  • The Creative Process Through Grace

Chapter Three — Grace and The Healing of Consciousness

  • Healing Through Grace
  • Water Baptism: John the Baptist
  • Baptism of the Christ: The Fire and the Holy Spirit
  • "Christ Prayer"
  • Blocks in Consciousness That Resist the Activity of Grace
  • Methods for Self-Help

Chapter Four — Grace and The Will of God

  • Will and Grace
  • Learning Through Grace Is the Will of God
  • Crucifixion and the Will of God
  • Grace Teachings of the Crucifixion
  • Forgiveness Prayer
  • Grace Prayer
  • Grace Prayer Explained
  • A Word to the Wise
  • Grace Is the Will of God in Regeneration
  • Shifts of Focus as We Awaken to Grace in the Regeneration
  • Call Upon the Consciousness of Jesus Christ
  • The Word Grace in the Bible