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1B: Grace is the Nature of Being

"God's grace is the gift of Himself appearing on earth as us. God, the Father, is appearing on earth as God, the son; and these are one, not two. Therefore, all that the Father has is ours; all that God is, we are, once we have overcome our religious superstition and ignorance" (Joel Goldsmith Beyond Words and Thoughts 118).

"Grace has nothing to do with anything that anyone else has ever done, nor with any outward activity on our part. Grace is an inner realization that we are already one with God, always have been and always will be; that the only separation is a false belief in our own mind. Grace is simply the Truth of Being that which we are" (Margaret Pounders Laws of Love 222).

We are created in the image and likeness of God; therefore, our true nature is the same as God's, which is love. When our consciousness expresses from its true nature, grace is the experience; but when it expresses from some other state, such as unforgiveness, fear, anger, resentment, and so on, then pain and suffering result. We can never be separated from the activity of grace, but we can feel as though we are whenever we function from a level of mind-heart energy that is foreign to our Christ nature.