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Grace Teachings of the Crucifixion

  1. To prove to us there is eternal life.
  2. To prove to us that in that expression of eternal life, we retain individuality.
  3. To help us understand that even though we may experience death of the body, it is possible to create a new one.
  4. To show us that individuality consists of a spiritual body.
  5. To show us that we will someday have the power to transform the molecular structure of the body from a body of flesh into a spiritual body of light.
  6. To teach us that the belief of two wills, ours and Gods, will create a crucifixion experience.
  7. To teach us what state of consciousness must be entered into in order to overcome crucifixion and experience resurrection (forgiveness and surrender).
  8. To show us what crucifixion feels like.
  9. To assure us that even if we do experience crucifixion or physical death, there is a resurrecting power of grace that will bring us into eternal life.
  10. To help us realize that if we are in a painful situation or going through a painful experience, the only true purpose or meaning it has for us is that it is an opportunity to glorify God (know God ... for this I came into the world) ... know the truth that will set us free.
  11. To let us see that it is humankind that crucifies the Christ, not God.
  12. To help us understand that we must surrender whatever it is that is our greatest possession.
  13. The Crucifixion is symbolic of the final crossing out of all error states of consciousness which are not patterned after Christ awareness. Crucifixion is symbolic of the deepest level of forgiveness.