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1A: Grace As Love

"Remember that the grace of God is God's love in action. God's grace is unlimited and so wonderful that words can scarcely describe it. We can use such words as mercy, forgiveness, compassion, good will, kindness, inspiration, and generosity to describe God's grace, but they are hardly adequate to cover the fullness of its meaning" (Weekly Unity, October 14, 1956).

"Grace is God's gift of love and mercy, given freely to us whether or not we deserve it. We cannot steal, borrow, buy, or earn it. We can only accept or refuse it" (Handbook of Positive Prayer 151).

"The grace of God extends to all people, not alone to one sect or creed. All men are equal in favor with God" (Keep a True Lent 169).

"The true nature of God as law is realized not through merit, but through grace—love. No one really feels he has earned love, for love from any source is felt as a free gift, as grace" (Leddy and Randolph Schmelig Steps in Self-Knowledge 89).

The word grace is synonymous with "love." It is unconditional, impartial, and unsolicited. It is perpetually operative and fully accessible to all. There is nothing we can do that will increase its availability; but we can resist it by holding thoughts and feelings opposed to the nature of love or the nature of being.