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Lowell Fillmore, one of the sons of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, cofounders of Unity, helps us understand the concept of grace when he says, "Remember that the grace of God is God's love in action. God's grace is unlimited and so wonderful that words can scarcely describe it. We can use such words as mercy, forgiveness, compassion, good will, kindness, inspiration, and generosity to describe God's grace, but they are hardly adequate to cover the fullness of its meaning" (Weekly Unity, October 14, 1956).

The important thing to remember is that the above-mentioned attributes of God are being expressed toward every human being in this present moment and in every moment to come unto eternal life. This benevolent activity of love cannot be earned by any action on our part, nor is it more or less available to some than to others. Grace is the pure unconditional love of God, which is perpetually operative and perpetually expressive toward all humankind.

It is very important, however, to be aware that certain states of human consciousness can become blocks to the fullest realization and experience of grace. The purpose of this course is to become aware of these blocks and learn how to consciously cooperate with the activity of grace, which is always ready to remove them.

In the past we have concentrated very diligently on learning how to cooperate with God's law. This has been good, for it has brought us a long way in understanding our relationship to God as cocreators, and it has helped us see that we are never punished for breaking the law but by the law itself, which will not be mocked.

The consciousness of humankind has now reached a degree of enlightenment that is ready to grasp the concept of grace, which is the law's fulfillment. If we will enter the study of grace with as much diligence as we have the study of the law, seeking to cooperate with it in every way, we will take a quantum leap in our spiritual journey toward Christ consciousness and help bring into manifestation the kingdom of heaven, which Jesus promised was at hand.