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2A: It Begins With Prayer

"The more we pray, the more we experience the grace of God, until we finally realize that we live by grace" (Handbook of Positive Prayer 151).

"We are the offspring of ... Spirit and can make conscious contact with it by turning our attention away from material things and thinking about Spirit. As we practice this kind of prayer our innate Spirit showers its life energies into our conscious mind and a great soul expansion follows" (Teach Us To Pray 7).

"Prayer is more than asking God for help in this physical world; it is in its highest sense the opening up in our soul of an innate spiritual umbilical cord that connects us with the Holy Mother, from whom we can receive a perpetual flow of life. This is the beginning of eternal life for both soul and body, the essential teaching of Jesus, which He demonstrated in overcoming death" (Teach Us To Pray 7).

"You do not have to win God over. Grace is not a magic spell that God may or may not place on you. Grace is simply a decision to change your mind" (Margaret Pounders Laws of Love 234).

"Remember that God answers even before you ask. Your part is to make prayer an open channel through which God's answer shall come with harmony, grace, and power" (Ernest Wilson The Great Physician 29).

"All so-called levels' of spiritual development can be transcended at one split-second touch of divine grace. All are free and pure already in Spirit, and the goal is to know and live this Truth" (Leddy and Randolph Schmelig Steps in Self-Knowledge 140).

Making a commitment to prayer is the quickest way of releasing any resistance to grace (love). When the conscious mind is quieted and the focus of attention is turned inward, we become an open channel through which grace (love) can flow. Any mind-heart energy that has been resistant to grace then gives way and is healed by the activity of grace itself.