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2C: Grace and the Creative Process

"Few words in Christian theology are used more or understood less than grace. What does it mean? How does it work in our lives? Though this word has been wrapped in mystery, it is really a very simple explanation of the natural flow of the creative process in the individual (Eric Butterworth Celebrate Yourself 126).

"When grace is felt to be in activity, the flow of life freely follows the underlying current of Spirit, which leads always to freedom" (Leddy and Randolph Schmelig Steps in Self-Knowledge 90).

"Grace is not a special activity of God reserved only for human emergencies. It is omnipresent. As the principle which governs the cosmic process and as the cosmic process itself, God is always pouring out love and mercy" (Handbook of Positive Prayer 152).

We are cocreators with God. When our consciousness is aligned with the nature of being, which is love, we are in the natural flow of the creative process of grace. Every thought and feeling attuned to love brings into manifestation an increase of good. This is the way creation was meant to unfold. The natural flow of the creative process frees us from bondage of any kind.

For every idea that is brought into manifestation, there is a creative process of mind involved:

First: An idea, dream, desire is conceived in mind. In this stage, the idea is not yet visible or part of the conscious experience.

Second: There must be a movement of energy in order to bring this idea into visible manifestation or experience. This movement of energy may be expressed as faith, a change in attitude, forgiveness, doing something physical, and so on. But, there must be a movement of energy.

Third: The idea becomes manifest.

This is a very simple explanation of the creative process through law. This creative process fulfills itself through grace when the movement of energy in the second step is centered in TRUST IN GOD.

The illustration on the next page will help clarify this process.

The creative process through law

*** Antithesis or 2nd Force is simply the movement of energy that must take place for like to attract like or for any new manifestation to be brought forth from the unmanifest or idea stage into the manifest. It is often experienced or perceived as "pain and suffering." In this process, it may appear that opposites attract but this is so because like attracts like!

The creative process through law

*** Antithesis or 2nd Force carries no pain and suffering with it ... only peace of mind and fulfillment. This is the key to living a life of grace. Jesus told us about it in the book of John!