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4D: Grace is the Will of God In Regeneration

"Regeneration — a change in which abundant spiritual life, even eternal life, is incorporated into the body. The transformation that takes place through bringing all the forces of mind and body to the support of the Christ ideal. The unification of Spirit, soul, and body in spiritual oneness" (RW/Regeneration).

"When the soul is ready for its next step in the upward way, a great change takes place, known as regeneration. Jesus referred to this when He said to Nicodemus: 'Ye must be born anew.' In one of its phases the new birth is a resurrection. All that man has passed through has left its image in the subconscious, wrought in mind and matter. These images are set free in the regeneration" (The Twelve Powers of Man 80).

"The first coming is the receiving of Truth into the conscious mind, and the Second Coming is the awakening and the regeneration of the subconscious mind through the superconscious or Christ Mind" (The Twelve Powers of Man 15).

"Through grace the Christ in you is the saving, redeeming, transforming power that enables you to rise and overcome, and to experience regeneration in mind, body, and spirit" (Weekly Unity, July 23, 1972).

The process of regeneration is going on continually because of the activity of grace. This is a renewing and restoring of the mind and body to its original state by the energies of the Christ mind. We can help accelerate this healing process by surrendering all personal effort for this restoration to the higher power within us. It is in the regeneration that the quote from Jesus to Paul becomes so significant: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" (II Cor. 12:9).

NOTE: In the regeneration of the subconscious mind, a new perspective of life becomes the focus of attention. It is the concentric perspective wherein we seek to let God be God in us. Awareness is centered within and moves outward. The following page gives attitudes of mind that reflect this new perspective.