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Chapter Three - Grace and the Healing of Consciousness

Grace consciousness is a consciousness that is vibrating on all levels of being according to the nature of God within, which is love. This love vibration is continually being released from within us at the level of Spirit. It perpetually seeks to flow through the soul (subconscious and conscious levels of mind) in its purity to bring forth into manifestation, our world, according to its likeness.

The conscious mind, however, being pivotal, has chosen not to turn to Spirit for all its perceptions and instructions, but to the manifest world without. Because of this free will, error choice, we have absorbed into the cellular memory structure of the body and the mind, many error perceptions. These misperceptions have accumulated in the deep subconscious, forming a wall of resistance to the pure vibrations of Spirit. This wall is known as the "facade barrier." It is often referred to in Scripture as the veil that must be rent.

Ironically, the only way to rent the veil is through the activity of grace itself, which is experienced metaphysically as baptism. The following chapter deals with Unity's understanding of the two baptisms, that of John the Baptist and that of the Christ, and how they are related to healing through grace.