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Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 11

Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 11

Explain the importance of the imagination in the forming of character.

11. The imagination is a most important character-forming attribute or faculty of the mind. Under the control and direction of the I AM, the imagination is capable of forming perfect character; capable of giving perfect expression to the ideas of God for which man is the channel; capable of bringing into manifestation the visible good that those ideas embody.

The word character comes from a Greek word meaning "to engrave." What our imagination "engraves" in the soul will form our character. Webster's Dictionary says of character

"A sign or token placed upon an object as an indication of some special fact, as ownership or origin; a mark, brand, or stamp. ... The aggregate of distinctive qualities belonging to an individual or a race; the stamp of individuality impressed by nature, education, or habit."

Character is that which an individual really is, while reputation is what people think he is.

To form good character we must have before us the image of perfection, the Christ, God's idea of Himself. We must claim this idea of perfection for ourselves and accept it, for it is the real of us. This can only be done as the Truth of perfection is allowed to become a picture in our imaging faculty. God gives us the perfect pattern that was "showed thee in the mount" (Heb. 8:5). We are in manifestation what our imagination tells us we are. If it tells us we are weak, fearful, inefficient that is what we will manifest. If the Truth has been accepted by our soul, then the imagination will tell us we are strong, courageous, efficient, and successful. We cannot rise any higher than the mental picture we are holding in our imagination.

In Truth we are of the same character or nature as God, Absolute Good. This is the "stamp" that God has placed on man as His image, but the forming of character is an individual matter. Man "forms" what he images. The type of man that he images and sustains in his consciousness, he will manifest.

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