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Series 2 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 3

Series 2 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 3

How does man "make" his world?

3. God "created" man's world in the ideal but man "makes" his world through the activity of ideas in his consciousness — ideas of wisdom, power, intelligence, substance, and love. The real man is the embodiment of God, and all of the God substance is within man, as well as the power to make this substance active. However, in human consciousness, man only partly realizes the power and wisdom that belong to his real Self, and he uses God substance by separating it into parts in his thinking instead of using it in its wholeness, or "righteously." He falls short of the perfection which is his as a son of God because he "makes" his world according to his own limited concept rather than according to the divine plan.

Through the Christ, or true Self, we all have the power to bring into manifestation whatever we hold in the ideal. However, unless we are consciously unified with this Christ principle within ourself, and guided by it in our thinking, then our forms (formationn) are not permanent. "All words are formative but not all words are creative" (Twelve Powers of Man 29). When man glimpses the Truth, then it is his privilege to make the change in consciousness so that the use of his formative power of thought is based in God and his words then begin to "make" a new world for him, to conform to the plan created by God.

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