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Series 2 - Lesson 5 - Annotation 8

Series 2 - Lesson 5 - Annotation 8

What have affirmations to do with making thoughts substantial (establishing faith) in consciousness?

8. Affirmations have a great deal to do with making our thoughts substantial. It is only by repeated affirmations (spoken silently or audibly) that we can by faith establish thoughts of health, prosperity, harmony, peace in our subconscious so that these positive thoughts may become a habit of mind. When thus established, the reaction of the subconscious will always be one of faith in the good.

Error thoughts are not always immediately displaced when the thinking faculty (conscious phase of mind) has accepted a new thought. This subject was clearly covered in Annotation 10 of Lesson Four of this Series (Series 2 Lesson 4 Annotation 10). No one phase of mind stands by itself; the entire consciousness has to go through a process of unfoldment. Even though the thinking faculty has accepted the Truth, often it takes some time before the subconscious has been cleansed sufficiently to accept the new thought. It takes much faith to persist in the work of cleansing (denial) the subconscious of unwanted beliefs and impressing it (affirmation) with the Truth.

No matter how strong a hold a negative thought may appear to have in the consciousness, we are able, by clear-cut denials, and by affirmations spoken in understanding faith, to build substantial thought patterns in the mind.

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