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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 3

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 3

What is God as Principle? as Law?

3. God as Principle is the Genesis and Revelation of our Bible, while all that is contained in between is the working of the law. God as Principle is the absolute Truth that is back of all cause, all expression, and all manifestation. It is the passive, formless Mind substance in which all divine ideas inhere. Principle is the total of all the fundamental elements of Being, all the underlying truths that are classed as spiritual realities, all the qualities (ideas) that man attributes to the eternal, self-existent One. The character, the name that is given the ideas, designates the native elements that are inherent within them.

"Principle -- Fundamental Truth. Divine Principle is fundamental Truth in a universal sense, or as pertaining to God, the Divine. It is the underlying plan by which Spirit (God) moves in expressing itself" (The Revealing Word, p. 156).

God as Law is the dynamic, intelligent, changeless rule of action of the underlying principles of Being (God). Law is the working power that produces results, for God as Law is the manner in which God as Principle expresses.

"God as law -- Principle in action" (The Revealing Word, p.84).

Law is invariable in its action, the same for everyone, in any place, at any time, under all circumstances and conditions. Principle is always universally in action through the law inhering within it but creation (including man) must avail itself of the law of good in order to produce perfect results.

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