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Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 5

Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 5

What is the purpose of the "church of Christ"?

5. The purpose of the church of Christ (consciousness) is to pass on the good news of divine sonship to every human being who may not be conscious of this truth. Man as the beloved son of God is not under law but under grace. Because man has learned many lessons -- some of them very hard ones -- from his various experiences, law is given the greatest prominence in his life, so much so that he forgets the gospel, the good news of his divine sonship. Even when he expresses intelligence and recognizes that so-called evil is in his life because of his non-conformity to spiritual principles, he too often believes his only way out is by personal effort alone. This erroneous concept has caused many who received the first glimmer of light to mentally concentrate too closely on the appearance of evil in themselves and in the world and thus to lose the very thing they were seeking, the presence of God.

The mental law of cause and effect says: Life is a battle; one must labor for all that he requires.

The gospel or the good news of the grace of God says: Life is a joyous experience, an opportunity to express God.

The mental law of cause and effect says: When trouble comes into man's life he must bear it patiently.

The gospel or good news says: You have the ability to respond to the love of God and to assert your dominion over all adverse states of consciousness.

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