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Series 1 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 12

Series 1 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 12

What is a treatment?

12. A treatment is a prayer for healing for oneself or another. A treatment is a conscious, loving desire to realize the higher spiritual qualities in one's own soul or the soul of another, and thus lift oneself (or the other person) out of ignorance or inharmony into a consciousness of man's true spiritual nature. In reality it is a prayer for healing based upon faith in God as the source of all life and our right as His heirs to that life.

A treatment can also be said to be a scientific prayer for the purpose of establishing a new consciousness of God, Absolute Good, as perfect life in every part of the body. The mind of one who is praying scientifically is in active contemplation of God and His perfection. Contact has to be made between the human consciousness of the one praying and God Mind. This contact leads to a realization of the one presence and power immanent in every individual and opens the way for the inflow of divine ideas of life and wholeness. The establishing of this new state of mind can be called a "treatment."

A treatment is not limited to the healing of the body only, but deals with man's soul or mind, his world, his natural environment, and all of his affairs. (See the final paragraph of How I Used Truth Lesson 8 Annotation 1 and subsequent annotations.)

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