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Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 20

Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 20

Name and explain the eight necessary conditions of true prayer that are mentioned in the final paragraph of this lesson.

20. We must

  1. Direct our prayer to the Lord within our own being, God's Presence in us.
  2. Acknowledge God as the Father-Mind which contains, constitutes, creates, sustains, and governs all that is.
  3. Know that each of us is the son-idea, forever one and the same as the Father-Mind — His image-likeness.
  4. Enter the "inner chamber," the very core of our being, the innermost recess of our soul.
  5. Close the door to both physical and psychical phenomena. (We are seeking Spirit, not phenomena of any kind.)
  6. Seek to know, to understand the substance of Being, the kingdom of God, and the laws governing its presence and use.
  7. Have faith that Absolute Good, God, is the one Presence and the one Power in the universe and that the good we especially desire is now being manifested.
  8. Realize that the forgiving love of Jesus Christ, the love of God intelligently active in us, dissipates and dissolves all that is unlike the nature of God. We are to exercise that spirit of love by forgiving all shortcomings (sins) in ourself and in all other persons.


Let us, then, labor for an inward stillness
An inward stillness and an inner healing;
That perfect silence where the lips and heart
Are still, and we no longer entertain
Our own imperfect thoughts and vain opinions,
But God alone speaks in us, and we wait
In singleness of heart, that we may know
His will, and in the silence of our spirits,
That we may do His will, and do that only!

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