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Regeneration of the Body

by N.A.E.
Published in 1905 July Unity Magazine

[The following extracts from previous numbers of Unity were made by "N. A. E." whose letter and diagram are also given as an appendix.— Ed.]

The first step in this process is to attain that peace, purity and power of soul which God only can give. Pray much, forgive all, praise all, condemn not, put away pride, seek beauty for its spiritual radiance rather than its mortal form, and then you will attain both.

Second step — Quicken through the Power of the Word all the functions of the body. The specific details of this process each will find for himself as he proceeds.

The body has many brains or ganglion centers through which the mind acts. We use consciously the brain in head only. We should think through every brain cell in the organism, and consciously direct its action in building up the body. When you have attained control of the various functions in the organism, through thinking through the brain center that holds the vital energy there as a storage battery; then you can stop all decay and dissolution, and perpetually renew the body.

Let us learn the new song of life, which is positive praise to the Divine Intelligence, that is the, life and latent consciousness of every atom of this created cosmos. Every thought you think is a living mental tone that embodies the One Intelligence, but modifies its force toward freedom or bondage, according to the quality of your faith in good or evil. These thoughts live in the atomic cells of your flesh, and whatever the tone or quality of the aggregate of all your thoughts, such will be the tone of your physical organism. Your word is your only burden.

The Six Ganglion or Brain Centers.

  1. In man Intelligence is manifest through the Front Brain.
  2. Power manifests through a little brain at the Root of the Tongue.
  3. Love through the Solar Plexus.
  4. Substance through a center just below and a little back of the Heart.
  5. Truth manifests through the Navel Center.
  6. Life through the Sexual Center.

To get control of the six centers is the great overcoming of the Master, and is accomplished in this way:

Sit in the silence and affirm and direct your thought inward to the center in mind as follows:

Say Power — Realize the mighty Power of God. Get an understanding of Power. My body is a battery of Power Omnipotent. That Power is now vibrating at the root of my tongue. I am one with Almightiness; all Power is given to me in my heaven and in my earth.

Then go to the Love Center, or Solar Plexus, and think about God Love. Send out thoughts of love to everybody, yourself and your body included. Perfect love casteth out fear. Let the love and peace of God abide upon this house.

The Heart or Substance is next in order. Realize the great spiritual substance out of which all things are made. Affirm I am of that Substance. It is now flowing in at my Substance Center. It is my Daily Bread. Christ is that Substance. He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood dwelleth in me and I in him. This is that bread that came down from heaven. My appetite no longer craves the material things of sense. I am satisfied with the substance of Spirit in all that I eat and drink.

Truth, or the Navel Center — Realize that All is Truth; that I am Truth. Truth is now vibrating at the Navel Center. (* Truth is that which Is. I am Truth, for, "I am the Truth, the Life, the Way." Truth is all that there is. If error is, it is Truth, for Truth is all there is. Truth is all there is, because there is nothing to divide it with. Therefore Truth is indivisible. Truth is unchangable, for there is nothing for it to change into, for Truth is all there is. God is Truth, for there is nothing else for Him to be. Truth is all there is. God is Truth. I am Truth. Therefore, I and my Father are One.)

* These statements not taken from Unity.

Life, or Sex Center — Realize that mighty currents of Life force are flowing all around, and that we can have all we will take. Send out thoughts of Life to all. Life is now flowing in through the Sex Center. This is everlasting life — to know God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent. Christ is my Lord, my Truth, my Way. It is well for me to know, to be conscious of the truth of my Being, that Christ is my Life. All the life I have or can possess is the Christ of God. Immanuel (God in man) is this Christ manifest in me as Life, and this Life is the Lord in His Holy Temple, which temple I am. The sensations of flesh cannot bold my love.

General Affirmations.

Being is Mind. Being is formless ideas. These ideas are Intelligence, Power, Love, Substance, Truth, Life. These formless ideas take form through centers of consciousness called cells.

I restore unto all their first estate — God is the Life, Truth, Love, Substance, Intelligence, Power and Wisdom of their perfect and immortal being.

My body is the perfect expression of Good, for it is God made visible. All Power is within me to bring forth perfect demonstration.

We can acquire soul poise, for it is a matter of desire, and what we desire we will to have. Everything we want is locked up in the Word. Therefore speak the word, liberate the potency in true words. If you want power, hold the word Omnipotence; if knowledge, hold the word Omniscience; but the one word which seems to sum up all is Omnipresence. When we say, "Omnipresence, manifest Thyself through me," we are liberating God in His every aspect. Let us affirm also "None of these things move me; I am centered in God." Every time we wish a thing say, "It is."


Now I am going to give you a personal experience of my own which I have never had the slightest inkling of in anything I have ever heard or read in regard to centers.

For almost fourteen years I have been taught by an unseen intelligence on various things. Perhaps I should say that Theosophy was the first study that ever appealed to me in a religious way, for at the age of eight I repudiated the orthodox churches, when I had my first dose of hell dished up to me in a Presbyterian church. I, at that early age, alone, established in my mind my idea of God, and had a clearly defined idea of reincarnation worked out in my childish way, which I never told anybody about until I began to see how it tallied with the teachings of Theosophy. The psychic is very near the surface with me, so much so that the first time I tried concentration I saw in symbols my life for a year or so to come, which was a great surprise to me at times. Since then I have had many experiences in lessons taught me by symbols and otherwise, and I never hesitate to go anywhere in the unseen realms, and I have gone from the deepest depths of hell to the great white throne.

Being used to Theosophical terms, I make a distinction in psychic and astral, and until two years ago never contacted the astral to any great extent, but at that time in a most remarkable way I fell, as it were, down through the physic into the astral and not from the physical up to the astral, as many people do. During this time I reached the plane of cosmic intelligence; that is, I knew anything that I wanted to know before I had the question formulated. All my inner senses were opened at once, and bedlam reigned. Verily, I have been in Babylon in more senses of the word than one. It was terrible, tremendous, grand, glorious. In fact, there are hardly any adjectives that do the subject justice. I lived a triple life all at once. It was during this extreme time that I sought some relief in an intellectual way. I made the extracts from Unity I am sending you at the very height of the pressure at that time.

1905 July issue of Modern Thought

A. — Head. The intellectual center. The mind. The center from which all directive power springs.
B B. — Shoulders. Power externalized. Burden bearers.
C C. — Heart. Love Center externalized by the breasts.
D. — Solar plexus. The spiritual center. The sun—giving light to the whole.
E. — Navel, or Truth Center. Divine order in Nature.
F F. — Hips. Strength externalized. Burden bearers.
G. — Life Center.
H H.— Feet. Material understanding. Burden bearers.

I have a small statuette of Venus de Milo on my writing desk, and one day as I was writing out of Unity something attracted my attention to it, and on looking at it a few moments I saw that fine black lines were moving rapidly over the statue. Before they ceased, I had the foregoing diagram, which was drawn in manner I related above over the surface of the statue. Of course you can readily see how the diagram would coincide with the human form.

At about this same time, one night I had all the life centers you speak of in vibration, and it did not cease with those you mention, and while I broke out of the condition by sheer force of will, for I could not stand the extreme pressure, I got enough to know that there is a complete circle of centers in the body, and that after leaving the arms they proceed up either side of back bone until the circle is com- pleted at top of head.

— N. A. E.