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The Grace of God – 21st Day, Friday

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Read Matt. 5:17-20, 38-48.

"As far as the east is from the west, So far hath he removed our transgressions from us."

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Ed Rabel

Jesus taught a new understanding of divine law. He acknowledged mechanical cause and effect, but he knew it was possible to "fulfill the law" by transcending its strictly mechanical repetition. This can be done only by certain changes of consciousness. One of these changes is to let go of the insistence of "even-exchanges" in life all the time. Another change is to be willing to forgive sin instead of insisting on punishment for sin. Grace is the name given to the aspect of divine law which does not deal in "even-exchanging," but in the increase of good through greater giving. Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, The Divine Paradox, Law/Grace

- Ed Rabel

Grace means good will, favor, disposition to show mercy. Therefore, we do not hold ourselves as bond servants of the law, but as recipients of the grace of God, as sons of the Most High.

The grace of God extends to all people, not alone to one sect or creed. All men are equal in favor with God.

The grace of God is greater than the laws of man. We may make certain laws and restrictions for ourselves and "his servants ye are whom ye obey." If we are servants of the law, our obedience is unto death; if we are servants of righteousness, our obedience is unto life. To become recipients of that which the Father would bestow, we should take the element of grace into consideration; that even beyond what we ask, seek, earn, or deserve under the law, God is more than willing to give.

God, as the great creative principle of the universe, will always meet us more than half way. By becoming receptive to the "grace of God," we receive the measure of God's provision, which exceeds any of our imaginings.

I realize that "grace and truth came through Jesus Christ"; that is, the real saving, redeeming, transforming power comes to me through the work that Jesus did in establishing for the race a new and higher consciousness in the earth. I enter into that consciousness by faith in Him and by means of the inner spirit of the law that He taught and practiced.

I affirm:

"Through the grace of God I am forgiven and healed."