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Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 5

Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 5

How are the conscious and subconscious phases of mind related?

5. The conscious phase of mind (objective) and the subconscious phase of mind (subjective) are related in much the same way as the master is related to the servant. The conscious phase takes the initiative, and impresses the subconscious with divine ideas, right thoughts, or the reverse, and the subconscious will carry out the suggestions faithfully. The conscious phase sends its directives to the subconscious which must accept them and carry them out, because the subconscious has no power of its own to do its own selecting.

The conscious phase acts, but the subconscious reacts; the conscious phase makes the impression, but the subconscious produces the manifestation; the conscious phase decides what to do, and the subconscious phase does it.

Often man is pulled up short by some condition which has become unbearable. Then he may learn through study and inspiration that he has been sending wrong directives into his feeling nature, the subconscious phase of mind. If he so chooses, he may use denials to cleanse the subconscious of the erroneous beliefs that have lodged there. Then he may use affirmations of Truth to refill the subconscious with true ideas from the Superconscious or Christ Mind. The conscious phase of mind records its directives, as sound is recorded on a tape; the subconscious faithfully "plays back" exactly what has been recorded.

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