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Series 2 - Lesson 11 - Annotation 6

Series 2 - Lesson 11 - Annotation 6

What is justice?

6. Two definitions from Webster's dictionary are enlightening here: "The maintenance or administration of that which is just"; "The principle of rectitude and just dealing of men with each other; also, conformity to it; integrity; rectitude." Justice is really the divine law of balance, the equalizing law of good in action. Thus justice can be said to be that which results in the outer from "righteous judgment" or the right use of the judgment faculty. God's justice is already established, for He is Absolute Good; but men need to know the Truth, use their faculty of judgment to discern this Truth, then actually let the law of justice work in their lives.

Conditions of justice result from the action of the law of balance, when man looks within for the ideas that will help him to bring this balance about in his life in a just and orderly manner. When man knows that his justice comes from the Lord, or law of his being, he can implicitly trust that law to bring about just and equitable conditions in all areas of his life and in the world of affairs.

Justice is really the result of God's love (grace) in action — it is the good result that comes from "fulfilling the law."

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