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Series 1 - Lesson 5 - Annotation 16

Series 1 - Lesson 5 - Annotation 16

What is the difference between an overcomer and one who merely does the best he can?

16. The one doing his best is simply using human effort to make his moral character presentable. Deep in his mind there is always the idea that circumstances are unalterable and conditions inevitable. When held to, this conception will in itself prevent complete success. In addition to this he endeavors to combat adverse conditions with his personal will, his human powers. While these may by themselves carry him far, they do not insure success. Disease, lack, and fear continue to possess his conscious phase of mind, and his subconsciousness, having no renewing and constructive thoughts given to cleanse it and to enlighten its structure, remains as it was before. Such a person is vainly trying to establish righteousness by mental law.

The overcomer daily grows into greater knowledge and understanding of Truth principles. He has learned through prayer and meditation to draw on the divine Source of limitless supply; he knows that the most untoward circumstances can be changed and harmonized by the idea of divine love, put into expression. When man through prayer, faith in God, and the spoken word is quickened in mind and in heart, the Christ within gives itself wholly to the work of redeeming the human consciousness and regenerating the fleshly body. This restores the soul to its rightful heritage, a perfect body.

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