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Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 12

Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 12

How may we overcome worry about supply?

12. We overcome worry about supply by knowing first that God as substance is the source of our supply. We need to become acquainted with the divine ideas that inhere in this substance and learn to use them correctly in our thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting.

Overcome means to conquer, or to subdue. The overcoming referred to here must be done in our own consciousness, for it is the conquering or subduing of our own wrong thinking and feeling. Whatever we hold in our consciousness operates as a mental cause producing conditions of a like nature. If the beliefs we are holding in our mind are negative, then by the law of mind action, the conditions they produce will be negative.

Worry is giving the mind over to anxiety and fear. It is interesting to note that the root meaning of the word worry is "to strangle." Certainly, if there is worry over one's supply it has the effect of strangling the mind, keeping it obsessed by fear of lack, and there is no opportunity for God's good to flow in. It is true that God has already "given" a divine inheritance to man, but man has not really "received" it so long as he has not accepted it in consciousness. If there is worry over supply, then man has not accepted the Truth that God is the source of his supply. He may even have reached the point of recognizing God as the storehouse of all good, yet may not have recognized himself as entitled to that good.

The habit of prayer must become established in the individual if he would overcome worry about supply. Outer possessions cannot give a person the security that comes through knowing God as the one presence and power of good. Prayer becomes the line of communication between God and man, and without it man only stumbles in a maze of misconception. One writer said very aptly, "Worry is the 'don't-trust-God' disease."

(An added reference for this question is found in How I Used Truth Lesson 3 Annotation 10.)

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