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Series 1 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 10

Series 1 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 10

Is there any true foundation for the belief in fleshly heredity? Explain.

10. There is no true foundation for the belief in fleshly heredity. The teaching that God is Principle, expressing and manifesting according to established laws, embraces the biological laws of heredity. The transmission of physical and psychical characteristics is known; the foundation for the belief is therefore not questionable. The truth or the falsity, however, about particular beliefs regarding heredity is subject to question and to scientific examination.

As human beings we are evolving; our biological inheritance as an evolving organism is both strength and weakness. Transcending this is a spiritual inheritance that was involved in the original created idea of man and is the very core of us. The inheritance from God is life itself, an inheritance of strength, wholeness, intelligence, power, and the other attributes (God ideas) that are the constituent elements of God, Divine Mind.

In its healing and corrective powers, our spiritual inheritance is paramount to any biological or pathological weakness. Circumstances or heredity, therefore, need not hold us in bondage except as we let ourself be bound. Our bondage to limiting hereditary factors is due to lack of understanding of how to free ourself and lay claim to our divine heritage. Freedom from hereditary weaknesses lies in the activating of our mind by true prayer, for through prayer we are led to spiritual insights, knowledge, understanding, and healing.

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