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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Study Resources

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This page is where I keep my personal notes and links for the study of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Dr. Catherine Ponder. I hope they are useful to you.

Go here for Prosperity and the Twelve Powers, a workshop inspired by The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

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Chapter Summaries:

4. The Creative Law of Prosperity. Desire is the positive emotion that turns on the faculty of imagination. Without sincere desire, no amount of mental imaging (chapter 5) or constantly affirming (chapter 6) are effective.

Quoted Bible Passages:


Twelve Positive Emotions that turn on the Twelve Powers

See The Twelve Positive Emotions That Turn On The Twelve Powers

Power Emotion Questions that may elicit the emotion Intuition/Divine Idea
StrengthPeace, serenityWhen were you fearless?2. Radiant/Poised
OrderJoyWhen have you been able to trust?
EliminationLightness, ReleaseWhen have you felt truly free?3. Renewed/Reborn
LifePrideHow can you make a difference?
WillInterest, DesireWhat do you really want?4. Creative
UnderstandingAweWhat is God telling you?
FaithHopeWhat do you hope for in life?5. Imaginative
ImaginationClarity, FocusHow will it feel when your blessing comes?
ZealPurpose, PassionWhat inspires you?6. Empowered
PowerMastery, competenceWhat have you truly mastered?
LoveCompassionWho have you truly loved?7. Blessed
JudgmentGratitudeWho has truly loved you?

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Chapters 2-7