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Healing the Past

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that you can be master of your past, present, and future if you will cultivate your faith in Christ within you.

If something that happened in the past troubles you today you are not exercising your divine authority. Through your words you can call your divine authority into action. “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” is the promise.

Vain regrets concerning past mistakes, remembrance of injustice done to you, loss of friends, these things are depressing only to the degree that you permit them to rule your emotions. They exist only in your mind. You can fill yourself so full of Christ-like thoughts that the old memories will be crowded out. If you feel that you need forgiveness because of past misdeeds you can do something about it this minute. You can put the forces of divine forgiveness into operation by faithfully using the right affirmations.

There is no need for you to suffer any longer for what has happened in the past. Today is your opportunity for mending the past and preparing for a happy, prosperous future. The power of Jesus Christ is able to remove the sting of past mistakes and bring healing to your soul.

Repeat the following affirmation seven times every morning, seven times every noon, and seven times every night before you go to bed:

“The forgiving love of Jesus Christ has wiped out the mistakes of the past, and I am comforted and cheered. All things are forgiven, and love and good will permeate all the affairs of my life. Old things have passed away and I am a new creature in Christ Jesus.”

Use this affirmation faithfully until the old unpleasant memories are swallowed up and dissolved in the love of Jesus Christ. They will be rendered helpless ever to torment you again. You will be free and happy every day as you do the will of Christ.

Remember that you are a child of the living God and that therefore only good can come to you. You are forgiven and your mistakes are forgotten the minute you forgive and forget the mistakes of others. “Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.” This is the divine law. No matter how serious and real the wrongs of the past may seem to you to be, through the help of Jesus Christ you can overcome them all and be forgiven if you will ask the Christ within you to help you forgive.

To one who lives in the presence of Christ, every day is a new beginning. Great possibilities lie before you today. They will be revealed to you to the extent that you make yourself receptive to them and free your mind from the thought burdens of the past by denying their reality in Christ. Declare the truth by making affirmations of Truth; then rejoice because all things are made new and you have been forgiven to the fullest.

Many of the bodily infirmities that are torturing mankind today are the outgrowth of concealed unforgiving attitudes of mind. The memory of an experience of the past may hold us in bondage because we will not “forgive” it and let it go. We cannot afford to carry the poison of unforgiveness about with us, and we do not need to be burdened by it. Christ can help us be free from it.

You remember how the man sick of the palsy had to be let down through the roof into the presence of Jesus Christ because of the crowd that filled the house in which Jesus was teaching. Jesus healed the man by saying: “Son, they sins are forgiven.” Here we learn that Jesus recognized a connection between sickness and sin. When his sins were forgiven the man was healed. Of course he and his friends had great faith, which was proved by their method of getting past the crowd that filled the house.

Faith in Christ is necessary if we wish to invoke His forgiveness. His forgiveness frees us from the limiting, destructive memories of the past, but there is a divine law upon which this help depends. We must do our part. Here is a statement of the law as Jesus gave it:

“Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.”

This means we must forgive ourselves as well as other people if Christ is to forgive us. If you are condemning yourself for a past error stop and forgive yourself, asking Christ’s help. Speak good words about yourself as well as other people. Think of yourself as a child of God. Know that a child of God cannot do wrong and that the past can have no detrimental power over a child of the living God. Forgive all men, and then become a co-worker with Christ. You will become master of your thoughts and ruler of your past, present, and future.


SUNDAY: All things are forgiven in the Christ consciousness. I am one with that consciousness, and I forgive everyone who has offended me.

MONDAY: The troubles of the past have no power over me, because I am under the law of divine forgiveness.

TUESDAY: The forgiving love of Jesus Christ has wiped out the mistakes of the past, and I am comforted and cheered.

WEDNESDAY: All things are forgiven and rankling thoughts are dispersed by love and good will.

THURSDAY: Old things have passed away, and I am a new creature in Christ Jesus.

FRIDAY: I am radiating thoughts of love and forgiveness, and my life is filled with peace and plenty.

SATURDAY: In the presence of Christ I find that today is a new beginning of an age of peace, love, and happiness.