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The Master Repairman

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that there is a friendly, loving intelligence in your body watching over it night and day, keeping it in repair and seeing that its organs are functioning smoothly.

This intelligence never sleeps on the job, for whether you are awake or asleep it works on unceasingly, mending torn tissues, cleansing your blood, eliminating waste, knitting bones if necessary, digesting food, and making chemical fluids no chemist could match to feed and maintain your body. It is a force that cleanses, lubricates, and co-ordinates the parts of your body, and also protects it from destructive forces from within.

If it were necessary for you to take over the responsibility of supervising only one department of this wise one’s duties, for instance, the Department of Digestion of Food (DDF), you would be so busy that you would have no time to make a living or even to read a book. And would you know how to change apples, carrots, and beans into blood, brains, bones, tissues, nails, hair, and cartilage?

A surgeon sets a bone and keeps dirt and infection away from the wound, but he must leave the actual healing to this wise repairman.

This wise one is a silent service agent of God in you, carrying out God’s loving command that you be a living soul and have dominion over all the earth. But do not forget that he needs your co-operation in order to do his best work. If you worry, or overeat, or dissipate, or think destructive thoughts, you may tear down your body faster than he can build it up. It is not his fault if he sometimes fails when you work against him.

Realizing clearly that your body forces are a part of God’s plan will promote harmony and health in your body. Practice daily putting all the parts and functions of your body into God’s hands and you will help the wise one to help you. To free your body from your worries and fears, and from inherited ideas concerning the diseases and weaknesses to which it is supposed to be subject gives it a better opportunity to manifest health and harmony under the wise plan of the Creator.

Scientists tell us that the body is self-renewing and that if its functions were properly nourished and were not interfered with from the outside, they would go on indefinitely. By feeding and caring for a bit of chicken heart from 1912 until 1944 Dr. Alexis Carrel has shown that this is possible. The cells of this bit of flesh grew so rapidly under his care that two thirds of it had to be cut away every two days in order to keep it within the bounds of its quarters.

Remember that the renewing Spirit in you draws mightily upon God’s power through your faith, thus stepping up the efficiency of your inner repairman.

You can identify your repairman with the Spirit of God or with the spirit of mortality. When he is bound up with the limitations of the latter he is so thwarted that he often gives up; but when you identify him with the Spirit of God he is happy and does marvelous work, for he knows that all things are possible with God.

When you think of God as being the source of your life and health, you stimulate the spirit of life and health in your body, and the promise “According to your faith be it done unto you” is fulfilled in you. Say this truth often and believe it: “God in me is my life, health, and strength.” Stick to this truth and you will prove its benefits.


SUNDAY: There is a spirit in me, and the inspiration of the Almighty is giving him understanding.

MONDAY: All of the functions of my body are in divine order. I trust the Spirit of God in me to keep them in order, and I have no fear.

TUESDAY: I co-operate with the divine intelligence working within me by having implicit faith in it.

WEDNESDAY: I listen to divine wisdom in selecting what I eat and drink and thus co-operate fully with my inner helper.

THURSDAY: Divine order and harmony are now operating in all the elements of my mind and body with the help of Jesus Christ, the perfect man.

FRIDAY: Eternal life springs up joyously through me as I listen to God’s words of life, health, and power.

SATURDAY: I am one with God’s guiding wisdom. All my bodily functions and parts are in perfect order.