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The Father-Mother Principle

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that there are two necessary factors in the creative process whether it be functioning in the realm of physical manifestation multiplying plants, animals, and human beings, or in the realm of mind multiplying ideas that control manifestation.

It is recorded in Genesis that God said in the beginning, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness,” and then the account goes on to say, “And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him.” Here we find God speaking of Himself as “we” in the process of creating a being who was both male and female. Since this new being was made in the image and likeness of its Creator this Creator must have been both male and female. This incident in the story of the Creation is a simple statement of a great fundamental principle involved in all creation.

We know that God is one God, but this fact does not prevent Him from having many departments just as man, His image, has many departments in his being. For example, man is spirit, soul, and body, and his body has many organs and functions also. Man is at the same time male and female. The male and female characteristics exist in every man, woman, and child and also in each of the three departments, spirit, soul, and body, of every human being. God is Spirit, and therefore the male and female elements in God refer to certain spiritual qualities. These are wisdom and love. Metaphysicians have found that these two spiritual qualities working together control the creation of ideas, and thus an understanding of their relationship is helpful in making what is known as demonstrations.

Wisdom is the male and love the female faculty. These are no doubt the departments of God referred to in the 1st chapter of Genesis when He said, “Let us make man in our image.” Here the Father-Mother aspect of God is revealed. Each one of us has a Father and a Mother department in us. We can create health, happiness, and prosperity by proper use of these two faculties in the realm of ideas.

Wisdom alone is not creative; neither is love. But a combination of love and wisdom will produce results. Some people use their wisdom faculty and perceive the theory of how Truth works. They can talk glibly about it and explain it to others, but they do not get results in their own practice because they do not employ their love faculty. Others have the love faculty developed and they are quite emotional about Truth, but they lack understanding and wisdom, and their demonstrations are limited.

Try the following affirmation as a basis for making your next demonstration; no matter what your problem may be, fit this affirmation to it: “I place my (here name your problem or affairs) in the care and keeping of infinite love and wisdom. That which is for my highest good in connection with this (problem) shall come to me.” Repeat this affirmation a number of times until you feel that you have made contact with God’s power and that you have willingly placed the matter in His hands, and that His great creative powers of love and wisdom are having free rein in taking care of your problem without interference from your personal will.

You must be willing to have the problem solved in the right way even though that way may not be just the one that you had planned. Repeat this affirmation quietly, silently a number of times, trying to understand its deeper spiritual significance, and then wait and see what will happen.

Do not wait in a state of anxious doubt or curiosity to see if it will work, but wait with the assurance that you have placed your problem in the hands of a power that cannot fail and you are therefore content. If you have sincerely, humbly, and faithfully turned your problem over to infinite love and wisdom you will be greatly pleased with the good results.

In making this contact with your Father-Mother God you must put all bad feeling out of your mind; all worry, animosity, hate, jealousy, and fear as well. Realize that they have nothing to do with the solving of the problem since you have placed it in the hands of your Father-Mother God. The same power that created man and all the universe and pronounced it good will take care of your problem and will bring your affairs into harmony with the original goodness of creation in ways that you had not thought possible. These results may come in such a natural manner that it will seem almost as though nothing has happened, yet everything is all right. Then again the results may be more spectacular.

Do not expect those who have been doing evil to be destroyed or hurt by your prayer. The working of the divine law should help them as well as you to a better understanding of right living, for God works to help everybody. Instead of destroying a sinner He transforms him.

As you realize the meaning of this affirmation relax and be happy. Be assured that you need not be afraid of getting any bad results. Go about your work joyously and enthusiastically and be free, thus giving infinite love and wisdom a chance to do their perfect work in you and your affairs.


SUNDAY: “I place myself and all my affairs in the care and keeping of infinite love and wisdom. That which is for my highest good shall come to me.”

MONDAY: The will of God is accomplished for me by His infinite love and wisdom. Only good can come to me from God.

TUESDAY: God expressing Himself as infinite love and wisdom is now establishing His perfect health in my mind and body.

WEDNESDAY: I know that divine principles are eternal and changeless, and they cannot fail to bring good to me when I have faith in them.

THURSDAY: Infinite love and wisdom cannot be thwarted by human weakness or ignorance. Therefore I am placing myself and my affairs in the care and keeping of infinite love and wisdom.

FRIDAY: I am not afraid to let God’s will be done in my affairs because His will is good.

SATURDAY: The joy of the Lord is my strength. Because I have placed my faith in Him I am sustained and protected.