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Divine Order

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that there is a mighty unifying principle of order pervading and sustaining the universe. If this principle were to fail for even an instant the universe would fall to pieces. This principle is often referred to by Truth students as divine order.

Divine order is the perfect love of God expressing itself harmoniously in His creation. Divine order pervades and controls all visible, material things as well as all the infinite silent, unseen powers. Every tiny speck of matter is constructed in a beautiful orderly way. A microscope will reveal this fact. Even man’s affairs are influenced by the principle of order. If this were not true a man could not even be alive.

When a man promotes the expression of divine order in his body and affairs by consciously conforming to God’s plan he experiences a greater degree of order in all his affairs. Having free will, man can bring his affairs into better order by willingly accepting God’s orderly plan.

When things go wrong we say that they are out of order. We mean that they are out of accord with God’s principle of divine order. When we work in accord with the principle of divine order everything co-operates with us and our affairs are pleasant and harmonious.

Thousands of men marching in an army can walk along together in an orderly formation by keeping step and following the command of an officer. They move from one place to another in an orderly fashion, but if these same men do not follow the command of their officer they become a mob in which each man gets in the way of the other.

There are human states of mind that are not in accord with the principle of divine order. Such states of mind may be described as worry, fear, hate, and doubt. There are many more, but these four illustrate the negative character of all of them.

We all realize that when a person is in a hurry he often does things in a way that is not orderly. In fact he may waste his time and his material by making unnecessary mistakes. If he is cooking hurriedly he may burn his fingers, spill the soup, or drop a dish on the floor. A man who is in a great hurry may rush to the station and then discover that he has left his railroad ticket at home.

Fear often causes people to do things in a disorderly way. Because they are afraid they become panicky and are not able to think clearly. They may be afraid to face their problem, and by not facing it then they bring themselves into greater trouble later on.

When someone cries “fire” in a crowded theater many people are sometimes injured by being trampled upon, because of the disorder resulting from fear. A courageous way of getting out of a burning building is an orderly way, because it includes courtesy, clear thinking, confidence, calmness, and poise.

We can always do our job quickly without being in a hurry when we are interested in it and have faith that it can be done. When we are poised and have faith we can do much better thinking and acting than we can when we are upset by fear, worry, hurry, and doubt.

Methods that seem to be orderly when measured by world standards can be made still more orderly when they are brought into closer accord with the principle of order that keeps the stars in their courses and the earth spinning in space through the centuries. A watch that keeps good time is the result of man’s orderly ideas and workmanship, but man’s watch falls far short of God’s idea of order, for it can run and keep time for only a few years compared with God’s million-year time schedule.

The principle of order is always here with us, so it is not a matter of our seeking for order in outer affairs but of our bringing our consciousness into accord with the order that God has put into our spirit and that finds expression in our affairs.

God is the source and principle of all true order. Jesus shows us in His teachings that to be in divine order we must love and forgive, be confident, agree with our enemies, do the will of God rather than our own will; be generous, patient, kind, and, above all, have faith in the Father’s goodness. Our daily experience proves to us that lack of faith in God and in ourselves throws our affairs out of order.

Malice, envy, and unforgiveness are attitudes of mind that cause inharmony in our life because they are not in accord with the principle of divine order. Divine order has nothing in common with destructive, negative, doubtful, and fearful methods. A person who has confidence in the power of God within himself can move joyously and successfully along life’s way without meeting resistance from his neighbors or the forces of nature.

When we are in tune with divine order we are safe, happy, wise, patient, kind, forgiving, and unafraid. Let us now enter into the spirit of divine order and abide there while we co-operate with God in establishing the harmonious kingdom of heaven upon the earth here and now.


SUNDAY: I am guided and prospered by infinite wisdom and love, and all my affairs are in divine order.

MONDAY: Abiding in God’s love, I need never be out of order.

TUESDAY: Because nothing is too great or too small to take to God in prayer, I need not hesitate to ask His help in solving either my little or my big problems.

WEDNESDAY: Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Father-God, that I may abide safely in Thy love and order.

THURSDAY: There is sufficient time to do all things in decency and order. I am therefore not confused by a sense of hurry in doing any task. I know that God’s time is infinite, and with His help all things can be done in an orderly way.

FRIDAY: Fear has no power to disrupt my orderly thinking. God’s love casts all fear out of my consciousness, leaving me courageous and poised.

SATURDAY: My strength is renewed as my soul abides in quietness and confidence.