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Ask for More

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that the divine supply is greater than the human demand.

Man asks too meagerly, calling for inferior things when he might just as easily call for the best. The average person prays as if he felt that he might be robbing someone else if he asked for enough to supply all his needs, or as if the supply in the divine storehouse were running low.

I heard recently of a man who prayed that he might get to his mother’s bedside before she died, and his prayer was answered. He could however just as well have prayed that his mother be healed. Another man prayed that his brother be allowed to die without pain. The God of Jesus would have healed his brother.

On a cold, snowy day a tired woman with a big bundle of groceries in her arms prayed that she might ride at least part of the way home. Sure enough, when she had gone two-thirds of the way a friendly neighbor picked her up in his automobile and took her the remaining one-third of the way. She could have asked to be taken all the way home.

When I was a boy I was impressed with the philosophy of an old doctor, a friend of our family. He said that he had prayed all his life for just enough to supply his daily needs, but had not asked for a bit more, and he said his prayer had been answered; he had never lacked for anything in his life, but he had had no luxuries. He was content, but God would have given him more if he had asked for more.

If you were hungry you could just as well ask for a square meal as for a crust of bread. Remember that the divine invitation is “Ask, and ye shall receive.” Jesus Christ said: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be made full.” He also promised: “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, that will I do.”

When we ask for a pittance we usually do so because we feel that there is not enough for all. This feeling shows that our faith in God’s inexhaustible abundance is weak. All things in nature have been provided lavishly. More seed is produced by plants than the soil can accommodate. Compared with the universe of stars and space our earth is as small as a speck of dust, and compared with the size of the earth our personal needs are infinitesimal.

Surely the few extra grains of microscopic supply that we might ask for would make no difference to an infinite God who controls the vast universe. In what way then is man’s supply limited if it is not limited by God’s will? The limitation is in man’s own capacity to receive. The very fact that he cannot ask largely proves that his capacity is limited.

Man’s capacity is limited largely by the fact that he lacks a sense of spiritual values. He thinks material things are more important than spiritual things. The power to use and enjoy material things depends upon a better understanding of spiritual things. The things of Spirit are far more valuable than the things of the physical world.

If you were to pray: “God, give me a million dollars,” you probably would not get it because you would not have faith that you would get it, and you would not have the ability to use it wisely. It would be much wiser to pray for wisdom, love, and understanding enough to be able to appreciate a million dollars. We need to pray for a greater capacity to live and understand life. God has already given us more than we are using. We must learn to use what we have.

God does not withhold His blessings just to hear us pray and cry for them. He has already given us all things, and He desires that we enjoy them. Our prayers should be said for the purpose of opening our own consciousness so that we may be able to see, understand, and use the omnipresent good that God has given us. Jesus said: “Yet seek ye his kingdom, and these things shall be added unto you.” Instead of praying for a large sum of money in order to bring you happiness, why not pray for happiness in the first place?

We should never make the mistake of praying for something that belongs to another person or for something that will interfere with another’s liberty.

Likewise, to pray that John will do this or that is not a large prayer nor a fair prayer. It is a little, narrow, selfish prayer. But to pray that John be freed to do the will of the Father takes all condemnation and limitation from him, leaving him free to do the will of his highest nature. This is a big prayer, because it asks that John’s highest good be fulfilled, not just our own idea about his good.

If you want a vacation pray for a vacation, but do not limit your vacation by interfering with other persons’ rights and wishes. Do not stipulate that father, mother, or sister must go with you. Pray for the vacation that you have in mind, or something better.

Make your prayers definite, but do not make them inflexible. Always be ready to receive something better than the particular thing you have prayed for, and always remember that happiness, health, love, wisdom, harmony, and peace are much more to be desired than material things. In fact, when you have found the spiritual blessings you will have entered the kingdom of God in your earthly experience, and the other things, the material supplies, will be added.

When you pray, do not assume the role of a beggar but of a master. Go to God unhampered by fear, worry, suspicion, or doubt. Do not question in your heart God’s ability, but rather give thanks that He is now answering your prayers. Ask largely. Give your whole self to God, and accept His riches freely.

God is your loving Father; He is not a crafty bargainer. Be truthful, be honest, be generous with God. Do not allow your selfish personal reservations to hold back your spiritual impulses, and God will not hold back anything from you. All that the Father has is yours. Make yourself worthy of it and take of His spiritual riches abundantly. Your material needs will be cared for when you have faith in the divine source of all good.


SUNDAY: Knowing that God’s supply is unfailing, I ask sincerely and fearlessly for all I need.

MONDAY: There is no lack in God, therefore there is no lack anywhere.

TUESDAY: In the name of Jesus Christ I ask humbly yet fearlessly for the riches of God’s kingdom.

WEDNESDAY: I am seeking the kingdom of God most diligently and earnestly, knowing that it is the key to all supply.

THURSDAY: My prayer is free and selfless, and I know God answers it in the same spirit, freely and generously.

FRIDAY: Father, I am asking for this thing, knowing that I shall discover it or something better among your gifts to me.

SATURDAY: I rejoice and give thanks for the riches that God has poured out upon me.