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The Word Made Flesh

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that Jesus Christ was and still is God’s Word made flesh.

Two essential departments of man’s being are represented by the name Jesus Christ. The name Christ refers to the original spiritual man conceived as a perfect idea in the mind of God, and Jesus is the name of the perfect manifestation in the world of that spiritual idea in a human body.

In order rightly to understand the sayings of Jesus Christ we should realize that sometimes He referred to His Christ self and sometimes to His Jesus self. When He said, “Before Abraham was born, I am,” it is clear that He was speaking of His Christ self, for Christ was created in the beginning, but Jesus was born in Bethlehem a long time after Abraham was born.

We understand that Christ is the perfect spiritual man, the Word, which was with God in the beginning. He therefore existed before the universe was formed. Christ exists today in the mind of God, and He also exists in us as the animating principle that is our life. He is the reason why you and I live today.

Jesus is the man who lived in Galilee, and Jesus Christ is God’s perfect-man idea, manifested perfectly in Jesus. Jesus Christ is God’s Word made flesh. Every man, when he reaches his spiritual maturity, will be a manifestation of God’s perfect idea.

Jesus proclaimed this when He said: “I and the Father are one.” The Father created all things through His Word, and His Word is His beloved Son, Christ.

Every human being represents an undeveloped expression of the Jesus Christ man. We are all like immature fruit growing toward perfection. But the Christ ideal exists potentially in every man. Jesus Christ said: “Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

All men are spiritually one in Christ, but they do not have the understanding and faith to believe this. Jesus Christ said: “And the glory which thou hast given me I have given unto them; that they may be one, even as we are one; I in them, and thou in me, that they may be perfected into one.” Until we understand and believe that Christ is the true idea of man in the mind of God, and that we are one with God in Christ, we shall be able to enjoy only a meager share of the abundant life that God has planned for us to share with Him. In a sense we are only half alive until we have attained the Jesus Christ standard of eternal life.

Christ will bring a new consciousness of His life to every man who will open the door of his heart and mind to receive Him and enjoy the fullness of eternal life and “sup” with Him.

Jesus Christ is the forerunner of a new race of men who, by following His example, are also to become perfect manifestations of God’s Word made flesh. These men will find their unity with the Father by first finding His perfect idea within themselves. “No one cometh unto the Father, but by me,” said Jesus Christ. He has taught us that a man can prove that he is a child of God by doing the will of his Father, God. The true goal of every man is to glorify his Father by doing His will. Those who do God’s will become true brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

God’s will for His children is always good, and as they practice doing His will they realize how much God loves them. Doing His will brings love, harmony, peace, power, and wisdom to all who enter His service.

The only way in which a man can enjoy the fullness of God’s life is to establish his unity with life through the Christ abiding within him. When a man understands that the very life that is in his body is the life of the Father coming to him through Christ within him, he is inspired to live more fully.

All things were made by Christ, the Word. Do not forget that this same Word is in you and is the foundation of your being. Knowing this, you have cause to rejoice greatly. By bringing your thoughts and words into harmony with Christ, God’s perfect Word, you can bring His power into your body and affairs to heal, protect, and prosper you. God’s Word working through your faith is powerful to do good. According to your faith in Christ, God’s Word performs His mighty works in and through you.

Remember that God does the mighty works, but you help Him by becoming a willing channel through which He can do mighty works in your life and affairs.


SUNDAY: God works in me through Christ both to will and to work.

MONDAY: Because Christ lives, I live.

TUESDAY: I glorify God by acknowledging my divine son-ship and by doing His will.

WEDNESDAY: When I believe in my oneness with Christ I become one with God and the Christ in all men.

THURSDAY: I accept the glory that God the Father has given to me through Christ the Son.

FRIDAY: I am a perfect child of God in Christ.

SATURDAY: Christ in me is my hope of glory.