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Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that the healing of a sick body depends upon the life force that is within the body. Something may be done by outer means to assist and encourage this indwelling healing power, but this assistance by itself cannot heal or build up a broken, weak body. A surgeon can set a broken bone, but he must depend upon the inner life force of the body to knit the parts together.

This life force in the body is an invisible, constructive, intelligent force that even science cannot explain. This silent, invisible force builds the body, keeps it in repair, and cleverly operates it by processes that the personality dwelling in it does not need to understand or direct. Food is digested and converted into blood, bone, brain, teeth, hair, and many chemicals that the body needs. The body grows and renews its strength even while its occupant sleeps.

Thus each individual is provided with a body the functions and growth of which are controlled by an intelligence that is beyond his comprehension. However each individual is able to disrupt the perfect functioning of the life forces in his body by thinking thoughts and doing things that are not in accord with the nature of the intelligent force that directs the automatic functions and growth of his body.

The perfect body is a manifestation of the perfect Christ man that God idealized in the beginning. Manifest man has inherited from his heavenly Father the power to think ideas and create conditions by his word or thought. Therefore he is able by his unwise words and thoughts to create in his body conditions that are not in harmony with God’s original good plan.

God has made everything good so that man can use and enjoy it. Manifest man, beginning with Adam, has been following the hard way of living by experimenting to find the difference between good and evil instead of following God’s instructions to follow the easy way of absolute goodness.

Man separates himself from God’s perfect creation, the kingdom of heaven, by thinking that God’s creation is both good and evil. This doublemindedness causes him to worry, to fear, to be unhappy, and to indulge in many negative emotions. These emotions interfere with the harmonious working of the divine life force in his body. Many physicians now believe that negative emotions are causing many men and women to be ill.

On the other hand, man can use his power of creative thinking to keep his body in good condition, and when he has caused it to be sick by wrong thinking he can bring it back to health by returning to God’s way of thinking.

The secret of healing lies in lifting the consciousness up by faith into the realm of God perfection, thus clearing the way for God’s original, perfect healing and blessing work to be done in the body.

In offering prayers for healing your thoughts should not dwell upon the diseased part but they should be lifted up to a state of joyous thanksgiving for God’s loving goodness and perfection. Thanking God for His love and goodness will help you to attain this state of mind. Rejoice in God’s power rather than giving power to disease by your fear of it.

Many people who think they are calling upon God to help them are actually centering their attention upon their troubles and holding onto something that they do not want instead of taking hold of God’s power.

When we remember that perfect health comes from getting back into perfect harmony with God’s original plan we begin to put our thoughts in order. Our thoughts are the connecting link between us and God. God created the universe by His word, and His word of course means His creative idea. This does not mean that God used any form of speech or language in expressing His “word” because languages were invented by man a long time after the Creation. God created the universe and man by means of His creative ideas.

Since we employ words to convey ideas, words help us to sustain certain ideas in our mind. Therefore affirmations spoken aloud or silently help us to focus our mind on definite ideas.

When we use an affirmation for healing we should lift our thoughts above the personal or the sense world so that our thoughts do not dwell upon the negative conditions that we are trying to get away from. We should let our creative thoughts work in the realm of spiritual perfection so that they may bring us back into harmony with God’s spiritual creation. When this is done our healing takes place.

Some persons are afraid to ask for the will of God to be done in them because they are afraid of God’s will. The will of our loving Father-God is good. Study the teachings of Jesus and you will see that God is a loving Father and His will can mean only good for His children. Therefore we must not be afraid to have the will of God done in our body and affairs. The Lord’s Prayer says: “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” This is a healing statement, and if we will enter into the spirit of it we shall be blessed by His loving, healing power.


SUNDAY: God in the midst of me is able to heal my body and keep it in perfect running order.

MONDAY: God’s will for me is health and happiness. I am willing to have His perfect will done in and through me.

TUESDAY: Christ in me is my hope of becoming like Him.

WEDNESDAY: I am a good child of a good, loving Father, and I live joyously and peaceably in His glorious creation.

THURSDAY: The healing power of God’s love takes care of all the functions and parts of my body, and I am healed.

FRIDAY: My words are Spirit, and God fills them with life and healing power.

SATURDAY: Dear Father-God, let Thy loving will be done in my earth as it is done in heaven.