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Beside the Still Waters

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that at this very moment when there is so much confusion and unrest in the world there is a quiet, harmonious place very near you, a place where you can find peace and assurance and refill your soul with courage and confidence.

Here in this place you can find rest from turmoil and strife. Here it is that you may rest in a consciousness of peace that may be symbolized by the little path over which the shepherd led his sheep beside the still waters and through the green pastures. This place is close to you because it is within you. Nobody can enter this place but you, for it belongs to you and nobody can take away your right to enter it. Such a place has been prepared for everyone, but few ever discover it. It is holy because you can meet God there.

God is everywhere present, but because you are limited to one place at a time, the meeting place between God and you must be within you. This place is a state of mind; it is not a physical locality. Peace, harmony, courage, and strength are generated in this place as your spirit communes with the Spirit of God. Here power, love, and wisdom greater than anything in the world are given to you.

We cannot enter this place by hiding from the troubles of the world as the ostrich hides his head in the sand to avoid danger. We cannot enter the secret place by shirking our responsibilities, but we do enter when we realize that God is more important to us than any earthly thing, and that He is the source of our strength and ability. Therefore He comes first, and He then helps us with our responsibilities.

In order successfully to administer our responsibilities we need greater power, wisdom, love, and strength than we can muster as mere human beings. We should therefore learn how to tap the source of all power, wisdom, and harmony in God if we would be truly resourceful in such times as these. Here as we contact our Father-God within we find quietness and confidence, and when we leave this inner sanctuary we go forth again better equipped to master the problems in our daily life.

Too many people try to fulfill their responsibilities by using only their physical and mental strength. These people are trying to run their life on the one cylinder of their own personal power when they might connect up with all the cylinders of God’s power and travel smoothly and rapidly. Others worry about their responsibilities and waste their energies thinking negative thoughts, complaining, weeping, or imagining the worst. It is obvious that anyone who takes this attitude cannot be of much assistance to his loved ones.

Today there are thousands of people in this country who have members of their family in the armed services. These men away from home need real spiritual co-operation from the folks at home. They need to feel that someone has faith in a higher power to protect them and guide them. How can a mother, sister, or wife sitting at home crying and imagining dire things strengthen the morale of her dear one? He needs to have the assurance that someone has faith in him and faith in a higher power to guide and direct him. He does not need to be told this in words; he will get it intuitively when you establish your contact with God. He instinctively feels the sustaining consciousness of a loved one co-operating with God in blessing him.

Go to this secret place within you and contact God Almighty. As you establish your unity with His loving power realize that He is greater than anything in the world. Be certain that all is well with your dear one as you thankfully place him in God’s care. Remember that you are being directed and guided to do just the right thing. Know that God works with you as long as you have faith in Him. Do not allow yourself to imagine anything that you do not want to happen. Dwell upon the realization of the presence of your loving Father-God until all negative thoughts melt away and are replaced by a consciousness of well-being. Know of a truth that God is with you and your loved ones, protecting and guiding you all.

Do your part in helping to keep peace. You can do more than you think you can when you draw upon the true, spiritual source of your power and strength. Continually submit your plans to God and fearlessly follow His guidance. God is able to manifest His power in every contingency provided there is at least one person of enough faith for Him to act through.

If someone dear to you is subjected to danger you can help him best by keeping your own consciousness clear and poised. Do not be sad and discouraged; do not be jittery; do not talk negatively to anyone or even think unhappy thoughts. Work hard at your regular task with a song of praise in your heart. You can do this by keeping God close to you all the time in your thoughts. Your heart will be light and you will be calm when you keep close to God. Underneath you are the everlasting arms. Keeping close to God is not a Pollyanna way out or a psychological escape from reality, and it leads to a quickening of your sleeping powers and a realization of the practical nature of God’s helpfulness every day and every minute of the day.

Practice meeting God in your inner sanctum daily and many times a day, and you will find that you cannot help being cheerful and happy. Bring the full scope of your powers into play to encourage and protect your loved ones. If you do not understand how God works through you, do not worry about it but try going to Him like a little child approaching a loving parent. Speak to Him the things that are in your heart, but leave all fear, worry, and doubt out of the interview.

When you go to your Father approach Him with an open, guileless heart and He will meet you halfway.

We must be practical in our religion. These are the days when we must prove to ourselves and to the whole world that God is mighty to heal, to save, and to bless.


SUNDAY: Dear Father-God, I place my loved ones in Your loving care and keeping. I thank You for looking after them.

MONDAY: In the stillness of sincere devotion I find the mighty source of all wisdom, love, and security.

TUESDAY: I am a radiating center of cheer, courage, and love as I let God’s power use my talents as avenues of expression.

WEDNESDAY: No human weakness in me shall impede my expression of divine courage and wisdom.

THURSDAY: With open mind I approach God, having faith in His love to solve all my problems.

FRIDAY: My loved ones are in Your hands, O my heavenly Father, and I rejoice in Your loving care.

SATURDAY: He gives His angels charge over you, my dear one, to keep you in all your ways.