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Justice Is an Expression of God's Love (Tract)

Justice Is an Expression of God's Love  Cover

by Lowell Fillmore

REMEMBER that God’s love is the attracting power that holds the universe together and keeps it in order. When you make yourself a willing channel through which God’s love can flow freely, you are helping God to make His attracting power manifest in your life as divine order and justice.

God is perfect and God is love, and He never changes. The prayers of men cannot change God but can change only their own attitude toward God, so that they can receive His love and can cooperate with Him in making His universal love and justice manifest.

When we are just toward another person, we attract justice from others. When we are just in our thoughts, words, and deeds, we are making right use of God’s harmonious, loving, good justice and mercy. When we practice God’s love and justice, we actually enter into the halls of His justice.

Divine justice cannot be attained by compulsion; it must be called into our life by our loving attraction. True justice means much more than our getting what we think is our rightful share. It means our practicing the expression of harmony, joy, life, love, and righteousness in our daily life. God’s loving justice is available to all persons who have faith enough to practice loving justice in all that they think and do.

Can you imagine our loving Father-God punishing the evil people of the world by refusing to let His sun shine upon them and by withholding His rain from those who are unjust? If He did this, how could the good and the just people continue to live on the earth?

God’s love is as free as His sunshine and rain for all who will accept and use it. He pours forth His blessings upon all people, but those who believe in evil surround themselves with such dark clouds of negative thoughts that they shut out of their lives the spiritual sunshine of God’s loving goodness. God’s sun in the skies shines upon their bodies; but God’s spiritual light of love and justice cannot find its way through their dark thoughts and enter into their inner spirit to give them the true light they need.

These dark clouds of negative worldly thoughts can be dissipated by any person who will turn his attention to God’s love and let it enter into his being and become a living power within him. God’s love always shines upon all of us, but only those of- us who enter into it in spirit and express it in our lives can enjoy its beauty and its warming, attractive power in our hearts.

When we join with God in expressing His love, we shall render justice to all persons and conditions in our lives, and by so doing we shall find joy and comfort. As we are just, our justice grows stronger, and we attract justice from God’s great storehouse. We thus fulfill the unchanging law of life, the law of giving and receiving.

Jesus Christ has shown us how to become a perfect expression of God’s love. We can, therefore, express more of God’s love when we join Jesus Christ in doing God’s perfect will. By letting God’s love shine in us we can free ourselves from all clouds of injustice that seem to shut out the good things from our life.

God’s love and goodness never change to anger, no matter what willful, ignorant men may do. When we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, we are accepting the truth that God has actually made man in His own image and after His likeness and are proving that we are willing to enter into the perfect Christ Spirit and enjoy the blessings that our Father is even now pouring out upon us.

   —Reprinted from Weekly Unity.

Unity Village, MO 64065

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