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How to Use the Greatest Power in the World

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that there is a power available to you that is greater than the power of steam, water, wind, electricity, or even of atoms. This power is abundant and free. All you need do is to take it and use it, and it will do wonders for you. But even though this power is so wonderful and so readily available to everyone, the average person seldom uses it very effectively. This great power to which I refer is none other than God’s love. Its sincere use by any man, no matter what his creed may be, will bring him marvelous returns. He will receive blessings that are beyond the ability of physical power alone to produce.

While physical powers may be used both constructively and destructively, divine love is a power that can be used only in a constructive manner. Physical powers have often been used to make war, and such use usually stirs up more war and discord; but love cannot be used to destroy. If a great army could be armed with love instead of guns the results would be dynamic. I mean an army whose men have been trained in the right use of love, not an army of men who love part of the time and hate part of the time. Love is of God, and for that army to be truly successful love must fully possess every person in it.

The power of love can also be employed by the individual to build peace, health, success, and happiness into his life.

God is love and He is everywhere present, but even so, we are unmoved by love unless we believe in it enough to let it find expression in us and through us. God loves us much more than we can ever imagine. The more we love Him the more will His love work through us and for us.

Every person desires love more than anything else. He may not realize it, but just the same he is conscious that he is missing something in his life. That something is God’s love. He already has it offered to him, but he pushes it aside by thinking he needs other things.

God’s love is abundant and free for all people to accept and enjoy, but before it can be accepted it must be invited in and given room in each person’s mind and heart. God is more willing to give us His love than we are to receive it. Loving a few friends or members of our own family cannot open the way for a truly abundant expression of God’s love in our life. In order to receive abundantly of His love, we must love abundantly, both Him and our fellow men.

Jesus tried to explain how we can bring God’s love into our life abundantly when He said that the greatest commandment is that we shall love God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind, and our neighbor as ourself. He also counseled us to love our enemies, and pray for those who despitefully use us.

The average person’s attitude is something like this: “I will love only those who love me.” This attitude narrows his capacity to express divine love to a small trickle, which tends to grow smaller as he becomes interested more and more in the things of the world and in his personal desires. The person who desires happiness and fullness of life must learn how to express love toward all if he is to be successful in attaining his desire. When a person is able to still the clamor of his personal will, his desires, his fears, his doubts, he will be able to feel the warm love of God in his heart.

God is pouring out His love upon us continually, and we must accept it in spirit and in truth, otherwise it cannot bring us happiness and fullness of life. But when we open the doors of our heart, mind, feeling nature, and strength to God’s love by loving Him, we shall begin to feel the glow and warmth of His love in our whole being. It will become a glorious power in our life that will transform our world into a paradise.

All our life’s experiences have their inception in our mind. Love must begin its expression in our mind in loving thoughts. From there it will flow out into all our affairs and will become a part of all that we are and do.

The only way that we can truly benefit from the tremendous power of love is to express it, first in appreciation of it to God and then in appreciation of its expression between ourselves and our fellow men. I do not mean that we should love the wrong things that men do, but that we must love the image of God in every person so that our faith in his true nature is stronger than our faith in the weakness we may see in him. We can help him by love to become stronger than his wrong thoughts.

When divine love is accepted and expressed by us, it brings happiness into our life and success into our spirit, mind, body, and affairs. Divine love expressed through us will help us to create good will and unity among the nations.

John tells us in his First Epistle that “perfect love casteth out fear.” Fear is a negative force that is really caused by a lack of love. I believe that fear in the hearts of men is causing all the discords that are in the world. Men are suspicious of their neighbors and often imagine all sorts of evils concerning their intentions, just because they are afraid that the worst is sure to happen. Nations are afraid of other nations, because the individuals who compose them have been taught to fear instead of to love. Nations have surrounded themselves with walls of fear, which they sometimes call trade restrictions, to protect their own business enterprises, but instead of helping to protect them, fear actually shuts out from them the possibilities for greater good and prosperity that might come from all sources through unrestricted trade among all nations.

It is true that love must be directed by wisdom, but both love and wisdom are of God. True wisdom cannot be combined with fear and doubt. Since love and wisdom are of God they must be encouraged in man’s life by his faith in God. Fear and doubt feed upon man’s lack of faith in, and his lack of understanding of, God’s goodness. That is why anyone who is in trouble should forget his fears and doubts and place his affairs lovingly in God’s hands. When he does this a great load is lifted from his mind and a sense of strain is cast off from his body.

A large percentage of man’s physical ills are due to mental strain. This condition has its inception in the absence of love, which is a state of fear.

Let us therefore open our whole being to receive and express God’s love. The grace of His forgiving love will wipe out the effects of all our past mistakes and we shall be forgiven. Thereafter our life will overflow with God’s love, which will overcome the world of sorrow, discord, unhappiness, failure, and lack that we have built about us by fear. Let us realize that God has prepared all good things for us, and then be willing to accept them with His love by giving thanks to Him and loving Him more.


SUNDAY: All power in heaven and in earth is given unto the Christ within me. He is always with me as He promised.

MONDAY: I am a willing instrument for the expression of the power of God’s love.

TUESDAY: The power of God’s love working in and through me is mighty to heal, to save, and to bless.

WEDNESDAY: I gladly and freely accept the gift of God’s love by expressing it gloriously at all times.

THURSDAY: The talent of God’s love, which He has intrusted to my care, shall be increased for Him by its wise investment and use in all that I do.

FRIDAY: I love everybody, even those who do not seem to love me. I will not wait for them to love me first, but I shall love them first.

SATURDAY: Because I am a loving child of a loving Father I am rich, happy, and free.