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Do Not Condemn Yourself

Lowell Fillmore

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Remember that self-condemnation is not helpful because it tends to limit a person’s ability by damming up the God-given rivers of power and inspiration that should flow naturally through him.

Why should one condemn oneself anyway? How about you? Do you berate yourself? Are you at this moment under self-condemnation? Maybe you did make a mistake, but surely you are not going to give up to failure just because you made a mistake. You are not going to waste your time, thought, and energy upon criticism when you can be employing them to repair the damage done and to correct the practice that caused the blunder so that you will not be likely to make the same mistake again.

Perhaps you have made it more than once, or you have made a lot of different mistakes. If so, do not remain in the consciousness of error, for errors are of no value to anyone. Do not feed them with your thought substance, for you need that to nourish the more important things that will move your affairs on toward perfection.

Of course you should check up on yourself and not try to dodge your responsibilities, but after acknowledging your mistake you should realize that in Spirit there are no mistakes, and that you will do better next time. There is no market for mistakes, so do not advertise them. When you condemn yourself you are advertising your poor products instead of your good ones, and of course there is no sale and hence no success.

Success grows out of praise, thanksgiving, and constructive thoughts, words, and work. Condemnation is disheartening. If you have made a mistake you need encouragement rather than condemnation. Of course you should not excuse yourself for your mistakes and you should acknowledge your fault and face the situation squarely to find out what you can do to improve yourself. Do not dwell upon the fault but upon what will cure it.

It is most encouraging to tell yourself that with the help of Christ you can accomplish every good thing. Give yourself a metaphysical slap on the back and say: “Now be your true self. Let the power, intelligence, and ability that God has placed within you come forth into glorious expression.” It is right that you should be a credit to your Maker. Remember that after all you are a child of God.

Remember also that since it is not right to condemn a child of God it is improper to condemn yourself. But when you praise the God power in you you will see how quickly He will respond, how the joy of true appreciation will well up in you, and how you will begin to show forth good works. You can think of your human self as a friend who needs encouragement and help. Remind this close neighbor often of the power that God has placed within him and also remind him that God expects him to have dominion over himself and over his world. He must not become discouraged because there is much for him to do for the glory of God.

All things are possible with God, and since God is within you, all things are possible to you. There is no need to condemn yourself. Give yourself a boost. Not an egotistical boost but a good, humble spiritual lifting up, so that you will feel as Jesus did when He said: “I speak not from myself: but the Father abiding in me doeth his works.” Remember that all things are possible to you with the help of God. God working through you cannot fail.


SUNDAY: There is now no condemnation in me, for I am under the law of God’s love.

MONDAY: My mistakes are forgiven by my Father in heaven because I am forgiving mistakes that others make.

TUESDAY: I can do all things well through the help of Christ, who strengthens me.

WEDNESDAY: I am under divine discipline, but I am not under human condemnation.

THURSDAY: I delight in doing all things well under the guidance of infinite love and wisdom.

FRIDAY: I am giving thanks because I am being so richly blessed by my heavenly Father.

SATURDAY: I am a child of God and I am therefore not under condemnation.