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Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 18

Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 18

How should all dreams be interpreted?

18. All dreams should be interpreted according to the ideas they seek to present and according to the consciousness of the dreamer. Identical dreams do not usually mean identical things to different dreamers. It is virtually impossible to give a symbology that will prove true for all people, because all people do not picture ideas in the same manner. There is, however, a similarity in the thinking processes of all persons. This often leads to similar dreams but different interpretations.

One way a person can learn to understand and interpret his own dreams is if he will immediately upon awakening ask the indwelling Father for the meaning. If it is essential to know or have an interpretation, spiritual contemplation in quietness and in confidence will always bring the needed answer. An individual seeking in this way will be given whatever guidance is necessary to take any outer steps to regulate his life and affairs.

"When a person has developed the Joseph state of consciousness and can give vivid form to his ideas by using his imaginative faculty, he does not take his dreams or visions in a literal sense, He rather unclothes the dream of its form by using the same power that he has of clothing ideas with form. Then he clearly sees the idea hidden behind the forms and symbols of his dream" (Mysteries of Genesis 317).

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