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Series 2 - Lesson 10 - Annotation 7

Series 2 - Lesson 10 - Annotation 7

What does a state of "mental resistance" indicate?

7. A state of mental resistance indicates that one is undisciplined or untrained in the use of his faculty of will. It shows that the will faculty is working independently of the faculty of understanding, because of personal willfulness, stubbornness, or the determination to have one's own way. We might say that resistance is another name for willfulness.

"A mental state of resistance indicates an unyielding personal will. Evil has no power except that which man gives it by his thought. Resisting evil is a way of affirming its power" (THE REVEALING WORD, Resistance).

Little is accomplished by a person in this state of consciousness, but when he becomes willing to let the divine will express through him, he yields himself to God and thus becomes adaptable to the universal good. There is then no limit to his accomplishment.

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