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Series 2 - Lesson 10 - Annotation 17

Series 2 - Lesson 10 - Annotation 17

What is it to be reconciled to God? Give three affirmations that have helped you to bring about this reconciliation in your own consciousness and in your body and affairs.

17. Webster defines the word reconcile as "to restore to friendship, harmony or communion; adjust, settle." To be "reconciled to God" means to come again into a conscious, harmonious relationship with Him; a relationship in which one is open, receptive, and obedient to God's will, plan, purpose for all men.

To be "reconciled to God" means that we come into an understanding that God's will (plan) is the law of perfect mind action whereby all good is brought into one's life, and then we use the will faculty to live in accordance with that law. It means that we learn to adjust our whole being to the principle of Absolute Good — that is, to consciously merge our human consciousness (thinking and feeling) with the divine; to blend our will faculty with the will of God.

Affirmations that will help to bring about this reconciliation with God can be either in the meditative form (speaking about God) or in the form of an actual prayer when we speak to God, knowing ourself reconciled to Him through love:

"I will to consciously open my mind and heart to God's Presence and Power, and I will to practice it moment by moment."

"Dear Father-God, I acknowledge Thy Presence in me, making me healthy, harmonious, and prosperous."

"Dear Father-God, Thy guiding, comforting, healing Presence now harmonizes all my affairs, and I am healthy and prosperous."

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