The Book of Revelation (Audio and Transcript)

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These lessons of interpretations of the book of Revelation are not offered as an exhaustive metaphysical analysis. Rather they are being offered as an introduction to some of the great food for thought contained in the book. Three books have provided much inspiration and help in the preparation of these lessons:

  1. Unity's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
  2. "The Twelve Powers of Man" by Charles Fillmore
  3. “Holy Scripture; a Key to its Spiritual Sense—by Emanuel Swedenborg

Revelation itself is a difficult book to read because of the lavish symbolism of its text. These lessons attempt to make some of that symbolism clear and meaningful to the average student. Also, we have attempted to approach all the interpretations from what we call "a Unity point of view."

It is our sincere prayer that each listener shall find instruction and enjoyment from hearing these lessons, and that they in some way help each listener find greater meaning of the Spirit of Jesus Christ in every man.

Ed Rabel


The work for this resource is not complete. What has been done is digitizing the audio and obtaining an un-edited transcript. What remains is the segmentation of the audio and the transcript for each talk. For that task, we need a volunteer editor. The task is to listen to these talks and identify when he goes from one point to the next. Each time he moves to another point, we need a header placed in the transcript. In other words, we need each talk to be segmented. Another task is to just fix any errors that the transcriber might have made. So it's all about editing and segmenting a transcript to make it easy for a listener/reader to navigate. If you can do this, then I'll send you the audio files and the text files. You can listen on your web browser, but you will probably want to load the audio into iTunes or some other audio player so that you can easily start, stop, and backup.

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