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The Book of Revelation (Audio and Transcript)


YOU HAVE A WILD BEAST, and no book in the New Testament addresses what to do about it more directly than The Book of Revelation. Like Jesus, it may take 40 days to deal with our human conditioning and limitations, or, like me, it may take 40 years to even get started. It may be an intense desert experience or it may be a gradual process. Regardless, what we know is that without looking at The Beast within we are seldom successful in becoming whole and prosperous.

Ed Rabel's commentary on The Book of Revelation addresses The Beast in each of us as well as any self-help book I've read. It's pure psycho-spiritual drama, probing deep in the unconscious mind for the many ways The Beast waits to devour our highest desires and aspirations. His commentary is an original and powerful interpretation of a much-abused piece of sacred scripture. It is metaphysical Bible interpretation at its best.

You can read more about what we have done to make the study of The Book of Revelation authentic, powerful, simple and multi-faceted. These things make for a nice, compact self-study program for personal growth through a psycho-spiritual study of The Book of Revelation. I hope it's useful to you and a blessing to your ministry.

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January 2018
Ed Rabel The Book of Revelation Cover


These lessons of interpretations of the book of Revelation are not offered as an exhaustive metaphysical analysis. Rather they are being offered as an introduction to some of the great food for thought contained in the book. Three books have provided much inspiration and help in the preparation of these lessons:

  1. Unity's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
  2. "The Twelve Powers of Man" by Charles Fillmore
  3. “Holy Scripture; a Key to its Spiritual Sense—by Emanuel Swedenborg

Revelation itself is a difficult book to read because of the lavish symbolism of its text. These lessons attempt to make some of that symbolism clear and meaningful to the average student. Also, we have attempted to approach all the interpretations from what we call "a Unity point of view."

It is our sincere prayer that each listener shall find instruction and enjoyment from hearing these lessons, and that they in some way help each listener find greater meaning of the Spirit of Jesus Christ in every man.

Ed Rabel