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Revelation Chapter 22 (Rabel)

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Chapter 22

The number 12, as used in these final pages of Revelation, therefore the final climactic pages of the whole Bible. The number 12 as used here stands for inner and outer wholeness and perfection in consciousness, in manifestation, wholeness and perfection in being and perfect in expression. We must explain here that up until these final chapters of the Bible, 12 has always been used in the Bible in connection with only potential perfection in man, the possibility in man. None of the things coupled with the number 12 have been perfect in our Bible narrative up until now.

For example, the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 tribes of Israel, even the 12 disciples of Jesus, none of these usages of the number 12 have meant the fullness and perfection of being as they do here, where we are in the climax of our Bible. Here, at the climax of our Bible, we are finally given the perfect symbol to connect with the number 12. The 12 manner of fruits on the tree of life, from which we may eat freely.

Now, the tree of life here in Revelation is in contrast to the tree of life mentioned in Genesis. You will remember that the Genesis tree of life was located in Eden, and is guarded by a cherubim with a flaming sword, so that none may eat of it and live, which means so that imperfect human consciousness, Adam, does not eat of it and exist forever in an imperfect state.

The tree of life mentioned in Revelation is freely offered to all men. It is not located in Eden, it is located in the new Jerusalem. The new Jerusalem stands for the fully developed illumined spiritual consciousness based upon the truth of Jesus Christ. The tree of life in Genesis represents consciousness of material existence, which can never be permanent. The tree of life in Revelation represents consciousness of eternal life in Spirit, in God, in good. The 12 manner of fruit on this tree of life in the new Jerusalem stand for our 12 perfect spiritual faculties, through which our eternal life is lived and expressed.

These 12 perfect fruits on your tree of eternal life in God are these: faith, love, good judgment, order, strength, power, imagination, understanding, zeal, will, renunciation, life. These are the 12 powers of man. These are the 12 spiritual faculties of your real self. These are the 12 disciples who serve your Christ nature. I shall repeat them one more time, these are the 12 perfect manner of fruits on your tree of eternal life in God: faith, love, good judgment, order, strength, power, imagination, understanding, zeal, will, renunciation, life.

Now, the very beautiful and most appropriate ending of the Book of Revelation and therefore, the closing words of our Bible as a whole, “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”