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Revelation Chapter 7 (Rabel)

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Chapter 7

In reality, things are not shaking apart in our life for us, and getting worse. In reality, things are always really shaking together and becoming better. Much is involved in all this. Some of it too deep, too subtle, too complicated for the human intellect to observe and trace all along the way, but the eventual outcome of all things is really counts, doesn’t it? And in the case of the earthquake in our vision here, it is the restoration of balance and justice in all areas of our nature and of our life, and then comes freedom from regret toward the past, and freedom from apprehension toward the future. And our text tells us, “And God shall wipe away all tears.”

The greatest majority of our tears are shed over regrets, unhappy memories, hurt feelings, and we have all shed too many tears. And what have we often attempted to wipe them away with? Guilt feelings, self pity, anger, revenge, hard words. Yes, we’ve tried all these and at times, some of them even seemed to work, temporarily. But then we find there is always a return of occasions for more tears.

But imagine having our tears wiped away for us by God, by divine mind, divine heart, divine love. Imagine knowing the truth, being the reason you stop crying. Imagine being shown by God, the truth that you had no need to ever cry again. That there would be no return of the belief that one has occasion for shedding tears. God shall wipe away all tears, meaning past tears, present tears and any possible tears. A future free from tears is a future free from useless, unnecessary suffering. And it is to be ours, when we realize that our past, our present and our future are filled only with God. God was your past, God is your present, God is your future. There is no need for tears. God wipes away all tears.