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Revelation Chapter 1 - Seven Letters (Rabel)

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Chapter 1 - Seven Letters

In verses 19 and 20, we read that the author is instructed by his own personal concept of the Christ presence, to write seven letters to be dictated by the Christ mind. The letters to go to seven churches in Asia Minor, this the author proceeds to do. And the contents of these seven letters written to seven churches constitute chapters two and three of our book.

Now these seven churches, which we shall talk about, refer to seven great centers of intelligent worship, within our developing spiritual consciousness. They are called churches by the author, because they are in reality, a legitimate part of our worship of God and of our personal spiritual development. They are all part of our own personal way of worshiping God. They are all good and very useful. But as we shall see, none is as yet, perfect. This we will find as we analyze the seven letters. But each is capable of becoming perfect through overcoming certain weaknesses or faults contained in them. And these points are brought out for our instruction through these seven letters.

You will notice that in each letter, first the name of the church is stated right at the beginning of each letter. Then, we shall use a Metaphysical Bible Dictionary definition of the word, which is the name of the church. And then, with application of our understanding of the truth we already have learned, and with the help of our Bible dictionary, we will be able to identify what each church stands for within each of us. Each church symbolizing some aspect of our worshipful consciousness.