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Ed Rabel - Gospel Mysteries Lectures (Video)

Hi Friends -

In 1993 Ed Rabel gave a series of four talks entitled “Gospel Mysteries.” Ed opens the first talk describing how he got interested in metaphysical Bible interpretation. He then continues discussing various passages in the gospels that have been "a mystery" to him and many others and he offers his explanation of how that mystery might be explained.

Ed says in several places that Charles Fillmore made many interesting discoveries and conclusions late in his life which were never published. These conclusions focused on the nature of Jesus as a "fourth-dimensional being" who had incarnated fully developed and who came to bring his "words" of truth to those of us who live in the three-dimensional world. It may be that some of what Ed is talking about is found in Mysteries of the Four Gospels. That both Ed and Charles Fillmore speak to the "mysteries" of the gospels may indicate that Mysteries of the Four Gospels was Ed's inspiration for these lectures.

If you are naturally inquisitive about the Gospel stories and you would like some stimulating ideas about the life and nature of Jesus, and if you find Ed Rabel's explorations useful, then you will enjoy these four video presentations.

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