Metaphysical Bible Dictionary now Hyperlinked

Here's something that Unity Bible students will like. If you're not into the Bible, just forward this memo on to anyone you know who is. They'll thank you.

Click here to see the first chapter of the Gospel of John. Click on some of the green links and you'll see that they take you directly to the entry in Charles Fillmore's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. This site directly links the Bible text to the more than 3,000 entries in Charles Fillmore's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. It makes doing Metaphysical Bible interpretation easy and enjoyable. And it is so quick that we can see connections that we had previously overlooked... (click below to read more)

This link is part of a new, free website (no password, no advertising, no marketing, no begging) for Unity students that makes doing Metaphysical Bible interpretation much easier. The homepage is Go there and click on the link for the American Standard Version Bible. Then click on your book, chapter and verse.

I've been asked if this site will be password protected or if there will be a charge for accessing it. Charles Fillmore freely gave us the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. Spirit gave me the computer skills to hyperlink text and the idea to link the Bible with the MBD. How can one charge for access to divine ideas?

My only request is that you forward this email on to anyone you know who may be doing Metaphysical Bible interpretation and encourage them to subscribe to the list. There's lots more coming and I want to make sure they know about it.

Bless you,

- Mark Hicks


Submitted by Tom Thorpe on

Congratulations, Mark!! The hyperlinked Bible/MBD will be an important asset to serious students of metaphysical Bible interpretation, and may well inspire curiousity in scholars who are unfamiliar with metaphysical interpretation of the Bible.

Submitted by Robin Barben on

What an outstanding concept! I use the MBD daily in my studies and now can access the link on my iPhone. (Which means I don't always have to lug this much loved and used book around with me anymore!! Thank you! I also love the links within the link! Will this book be available for purchase as an e-book? I love the search engine, being able to locate every place a particular word is listed!

Submitted by REGINALD TCHUME on

Dear Mary Hicks and all Unity Fellowship,

I greatly appreciate the contributions and improvements you are making with the MBD to enlighten this planetary race. May God continue to enrich you with His wisdom, power and might.


Submitted by Linda on

I was first introduced to the beautiful hard cover Metaphysical Dictionary nearly forty years ago. I love my rather large hard copy edition and I use it regularly but not as often as I would like because of its size. When I saw that it was a hyperlinked download, I couldn't believe my good fortune.
I downloaded it at about 9 pm on my iPad and was still awake at 2 a.m. enjoying the new way to mine the Word. It was great. Thank you very much.
This bible dictionary has been a blessing for me and my patients as I refer to my solid big blue book for so many explanations to give people information to widen their perspectives not just of the bible, but themselves, the world and of course God. It has been life changing.

Submitted by Margaret Flick on

Thank you so much Mark, this is so much easier to use for sermons. Bless you.

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