TruthUnity Commentary Project

This morning I am launching the TruthUnity Commentary Project, which adds helpful commentary in side boxes to the texts on TruthUnity, beginning with Teach Us To Pray. You are invited to be my collaborator in bringing new insight and understanding to classic Unity texts.

Handwritten note in 1941 edition of Teach Us To Pray
Handwritten margin note from 1943
Handwritten note in 1941 edition of Teach Us To Pray
Margin note inserted online

The first picture is of a handwritten margin note made in 1943 in an original edition of Teach Us To Pray. I don't know who owned this leather-bound, original edition, but the note is about the relationship between affirmations and the Silence. I found the note insightful and helpful to understanding what Cora and Charles originally wrote.

The second picture is the same note inserted into the online text of Teach Us To Pray. The original note was buried for 72 years in a dusty book. But the online version is now available to anyone reading the 29th chapter on TruthUnity and it will soon begin appearing in search requests in Google. Isn't that cool?

Could it be that there are thousands of insightful comments available to us today, buried for many years, as margin notes and commentary we have made in our own copies of Teach Us To Pray? Are they now ready to be uncovered, dusted-off and shared with the world? Is now the time that Google and Bing should crawl and compile the text of the margin notes you have made over a lifetime of study of classic Unity texts? Could your insightful comments and those of your friends bring life back into our understanding of classic Unity texts? Is it possible that you and your friends in Unity are your own best teachers? Does that sound interesting?

TruthUnity is now open to commenting by you and your friends in Unity, beginning with Teach Us To Pray. I don't know if it works for you, but I am excited to learn what our friends in Unity have to say about Teach Us To Pray and other classic Unity texts. To learn how this works, click the Read More button.

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