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Mark Hicks
Mark Hicks

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Mark Hicks is the founder of TruthUnity.net, a Unity discipleship program that provides audio, video, texts, classes and community content for Truth students. Each day over 400 people come to TruthUnity for 5-10 minutes for inspiration, study and online learning.

Married for 35 years, he and his wife Marika have two grown daughters.


Here are some talks Mark has given:

The Bug in the Table
Charles Fillmore was deeply influenced by the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau and so have I. American Transcendentalism is one of my spiritual underpinnings. This talk is based on a story Thoreau uses in Walden, called The Bug in the Table. It's a funny but profound story about human freedom and  liberty. Given to Unity Church of Georgetown April 2011.

The Metaphysical Meaning of Easter
This Palm Sunday sequel to The Bug In The Table affirms Easter is about putting aside limiting beliefs. Given Palm Sunday 2011 to Unity Church of Georgetown.

It Can Be Just Two Or Three
I have been very much influenced by George Valliant and a the new teachings of Positive Psychologists. This talk is based on their teachings about the transformative effect of the positive emotions, given in the context of the pure biology. I include this to show that Unity's metaphysical teaching can be conveyed to the modern mind. Truth transcends worldview. Given May 2011 to Unity Church of Georgetown.

Metaphysical Peanuts
I see human transformation following a process of bonding (with God), play (with life) and expression (of our Truth). This talk conveys Unity's basic metaphysical construct of Mind, Idea and Expression in the context of the Peanuts comic strip. Given in May 2011 to Unity Church of Georgetown.

Contemplative Prayer
In this talk I explain that prayer has nothing to do with what you say, but rather it is all about who you become. I am including it here because it explains my view of what it means to be a prayerful person in today's world. Given June 2011 to Unity Church of Georgetown.

Affirmations – Calling Forth The Good
I believe that affirmative prayer is the most distinctive characteristic of Unity. This lesson conveys how I teach the effectiveness of affirmations to open the soul to Divine ideas, allowing healing and wholeness into our mind, body and affairs. Given June 2012 at Unity Church of Austin.

The Body of Christ
This talk is based on lesson four of the Unity Correspondence Course, which teaches that Unity is not a church, but rather a reform movement within Christianity. Baptism is spiritually interpreted to convey to traditional Christians that transformation is possible in this lifetime. This talk helps describe my passion for Unity discipleship. Given August 2012 at Unity Church of Austin.

I teach that there are positive emotions that correlate with the twelve powers and that the surest route to quickening the twelve powers are turning on these emotions. In this talk I highlight how we can be transformed by the divine nature of positive emotions. Given August 2012 at Unity Church of Austin.