About TruthUnity

Vision, Mission and Values

The "DNA" of TruthUnity is being developed at this time (March 2015)...

The vision of TruthUnity is cultivating and supporting a "vineyard of classic Unity study, practice and fellowship." We have accomplished a great deal toward achieving this vision since our founding in 2010.

For study, a great deal of quality content has been uncovered, dusted off, reformatted for modern media and freely disseminated over the Internet. We have over 400 people visit each day for about 5 minutes. Our main mission is to continue this process.

We obviously do not know what our impact has been on the practice of visitors, but our focus has been on offering materials that are helpful in daily prayer, metaphysical Bible study and learning more about the Unity movement. Our online classes are taking root and we are working to support the Fillmore Festival and perhaps a metaphysical Bible conference later on.

Finally, our intention this year is to offer more and more opportunities for fellowship, by developing a formula for small group meetings that use TruthUnity resources. Please hold this vision for us as we move forward in 2015.

Many blessings,

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Mark Hicks