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A person's superconsciousness is not the Christ Mind

Here Mr. Fillmore clears up some confusion as to the right relationship between a person's superconsciousness and the Christ Mind. They are not the same things. Superconsciousness is a level of HUMAN MIND. Christ is a level ABOVE HUMAN nature, yet they are connected. Mr. Fillmore uses the word "synchronization" to describe the unifying of human mind (superconscious) with Divine Mind THROUGH CHRIST. Mr. Fillmore also makes an intriguing statement in regard to the difference between divine ideas and our thoughts: "Thoughts act in a realm just above, around, and within the material. They have BUT ONE DEGREE MORE OF FREEDOM THAN MATTER." (Teach Us To Pray 144) This is quite different than the "absolutist" belief that our thoughts are the most powerful things in the universe. They are not. Divine ideas are. Ed Rabel, Metaphysics 1, Prayer and Meditation, The Christ Mind"