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Metaphysical Bible Study Guides (MBSG)

What is your favorite study bible? There are many excellent one's available today: Harper Study Bible, Oxford Annotated, Interpreter's Bible (selected by Unity Institute). They combine the best of biblical scholarship with culturally relevant Bible interpretation. But their interpretation is orthodox and does not include metaphysical Bible interpretation.

Our intention is to provide an online study Bible, offering a combination of current Biblical scholarship and thoughtful, relevant and spiritually enhancing metaphysical Bible interpretation. This section may be transformed into a "Metaphysical Lectionary" at some point, which would provide Unity and New Thought churches something similar to the Common Lectionary that is used in mainline churches.

We are open to your collaboration in providing these study guides. Take a look at The Commentary Project for more information about a similar way to collaborate. The ground rules are the similar: provide a thoughtful piece that enhances our spiritual understanding, allow it to be shared with others and we will post it here and provide you a landing page.