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Micah 5 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation of Micah Chapter 5

Metaphysically Interpreting Micah 5:1

5:1Now shalt thou gather thyself in troops, O daughter of troops:
    he hath laid siege against us;
they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod
    upon the cheek.

Metaphysically Interpreting Micah 5:2-6

5:2But thou, Beth-lehem Ephrathah,
    which art little to be among the thousands of Judah,
out of thee shall one come forth unto me
    that is to be ruler in Israel;
whose goings forth are from of old,
    from everlasting.
5:3Therefore will he give them up, until the time
    that she who travaileth hath brought forth:
then the residue of his brethren shall return
    unto the children of Israel.
5:4And he shall stand, and shall feed his flock in the strength of Jehovah,
    in the majesty of the name of Jehovah his God:
and they shall abide; for now shall he be great
    unto the ends of the earth.
5:5And this man shall be our peace.

When the Assyrian shall come into our land,
    and when he shall tread in our palaces,
then shall we raise against him seven shepherds,
    and eight principal men.
5:6And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword,
    and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof:
and he shall deliver us from the Assyrian,
    when he cometh into our land,
    and when he treadeth within our border.

May 28, 1950: Micah 5:2-4

What prophecy of the Christ is found in the text of today's lesson? "One . . . that is to be ruler in Israel . . . And he shall . . . feed his flock in the strength of Jehovah.”

April 21, 1940: Micah 5:2-5a

What does Bethlehem Ephrathah represent, and why was it chosen as the birthplace of the Messiah? This name means "fertility," "productiveness," and represents a realization of abundant substance. Out of this abundant increase of substance ideas in consciousness springs the "living bread, the Christ

What man is to be "our peace"? The universal or Christ man is the Prince of Peace abiding in the heart of everyone who is quickened to perceive the truth of Being. Through the Christ consciousness all men will attain to peace.

Transcribed by Tracie Louise on 12-01-2013